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Well, Ladies and Gents the New Years music show went really well and I could blab about it as much as I like, but instead I am just going to let you hear it.  Beware however, that we ended up going for a ridiculous 6 hours.  Oh yeah.  Needless to say I was exhausted.

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  • An audio clip discussing the torture of a mentally ill lad
  • Australians being able to joke about jew chewing gum
  • The difference between Aboriginal and Aborigine
  • Beattie and Shaun are White Supremacists
  • The Homeless put to the back of the line

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//  The blackening up of Western Civilisation

//  Black only establishments & education

//  East Buffalo bowling alleys security

//  Poisonous television programs

This was an off the cuff show to catch up on some news Ladies and Gents.  I really wanted to get people to realise what these Antifa Pussies are about on the most part, but also spoke on a few other important topics.

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Tonight, Shaun spoke about:

//  Molesters get 7 years while bacon wielding white nationalist gets death

//  5 year old boy raped by third world savage

//  Dylan Roof gets the death sentence

//  South Oz Man’s debut show

//  Green cake is yummy

And much more…

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//  Arab billboards for Australia day (yeah that makes fucking sense)

//  ACLU Rep says white elderly need to just go and die for spics

//  Drama and infighting and the difference between them

//  Finland kids ratting on their parents thanks to ZOG

//  People say Shaun sounds like Chopper at times

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  • Trumps ban on muzzos signed by Obongo
  • Equality for White Western Worlds
  • Lying is ridiculous and unneeded
  • Death threats are coming in

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Jeanice Barcelo of Birth of a New Earth and Shaun speak of a many great things when it comes to the corruption of the creation of man and woman…

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On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • There is nothing wrong with being a supremacist
  • The morbidly obese need to lose some blubber
  • Beattie Boy’s time on this earth and Trump
  • Calls from Shield Maiden and Gadsden

And much more…

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On this edition of TCTA Shaun speaks about his trip to Melbourne for a WN/Nazi meeting that slapped him upside the head somewhat.  He then goes on to talk about his meetup with Jack’o from Jacko’s Lantern and then takes calls from, Gadsden, Jacko, JB and Oz.

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  • Political parties and what they mean today
  • Separating the wheat from the chaff
  • John speaks with Shaun about Running out of time
  • Gadsden furthers the discussion on degenerates
  • Free tuition and space for Social Justice for Blacks

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  • ID Cards VS Cellphones
  • Microwave and Cellphone Danger
  • Communist government behavior
  • Muslim micro-nation in Australia
  • Fat fuck Jill Hennessy lies about vaccines
  • Movies and games being “blacked”
  • Oprah for president (barf)
  • Global nonsense (warming)

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  • Fake Indian doctors around the world
  • Unvaccinated children being deserted
  • White women being terrorised by the ABC
  • Peter Dutton VS Malcom Fraser
  • Funneling Fatties

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