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Well, Ladies and Gents the New Years music show went really well and I could blab about it as much as I like, but instead I am just going to let you hear it.  Beware however, that we ended up going for a ridiculous 6 hours.  Oh yeah.  Needless to say I was exhausted.

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  • An audio clip discussing the torture of a mentally ill lad
  • Australians being able to joke about jew chewing gum
  • The difference between Aboriginal and Aborigine
  • Beattie and Shaun are White Supremacists
  • The Homeless put to the back of the line

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//  The blackening up of Western Civilisation

//  Black only establishments & education

//  East Buffalo bowling alleys security

//  Poisonous television programs

This was an off the cuff show to catch up on some news Ladies and Gents.  I really wanted to get people to realise what these Antifa Pussies are about on the most part, but also spoke on a few other important topics.

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Tonight, Shaun spoke about:

//  Molesters get 7 years while bacon wielding white nationalist gets death

//  5 year old boy raped by third world savage

//  Dylan Roof gets the death sentence

//  South Oz Man’s debut show

//  Green cake is yummy

And much more…

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//  Arab billboards for Australia day (yeah that makes fucking sense)

//  ACLU Rep says white elderly need to just go and die for spics

//  Drama and infighting and the difference between them

//  Finland kids ratting on their parents thanks to ZOG

//  People say Shaun sounds like Chopper at times

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