YouTube Yet Again Delete the Clip About Dr. Judy

And again Ladies and Gents, as you can see on the last show page, the video where Dr. Judy exposes the medical mafia, has been removed from jewtube, so henceforth you cannot see it.  Or can you?  I downloaded it before they had time to delete it, so I am going to convert it to audio and place it here for you to hear any time you like.  jewtube can just get down and start suckin!



Answering Requests About Drumming

Yes, that’s right Ladies and Gents.  As some of you know I like to get to doing some drumming.  I have good times and bad times as any drummer does.  I believe that Acoustic Drums are so much better to play on almost every level, but my circumstances call for electronic drums, so I can’t do what I would normally do, but this should still give you an idea of what fun I like to have.

I am not a professional.  I have had nobody teach me how to play the drums or music as a whole for that matter (I play the piano and have played other instruments in the past such as the bass guitar and the mouth harp) but I love to play for the sheer fun of it.  I have also composed many pieces.

What you are about to see now is where I played to a piece of Pagan music back when I was still working for Renegade.  Or what I now call “Femigade”.  The music was rather new to me, so take my playing for what it was worth.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy some music.

(PS.  I had a pussy bitch beard back then, but now it is much more MANLY!  MANLY I tell ya!)

First Strike Against WTFR After Latest Candour Hour

Hi Ladies and Gents.

Recently I did a Special Bulletin edition of the Candour Hour after Colin Todd had sent me the Special Bulletin edition of the magazine, that exists outside of the regular Candour line-up.  Well it seems that JewTube (YouTube) did not agree at all.  Somebody flagged the broadcast (allegedly) and we now have our first strike against us.

YouTube uses strikes, where if you get a certain number of them, your account can be suspended or even terminated.  Well, we ain’t about to stop now, so the jews and their pet communists at Google might want to terminate our accounts right now.

We can’t tell if they put the strike against us, because I dared to question the holohoax during the show, or if it’s simply because we dare to defend the only race that can finish communism once and for all.  That being the White Race.  Shield Maiden, our WTFR YouTube account manager, believes it could be since the Karin Smith, White South Africa broadcast, bought the account so much attention.  This could be the case also.

Nonetheless, YouTube have no power over us.  This is their greatest fear.  I will be broadcasting the email sent to Shield Maiden on this weeks show.  I will start the show with how YouTube do not allow free speech, immediately after the intro.  After the show is done and uploaded to YouTube, I will flag it myself.  When a show is flagged, one of the communist YouTube lackeys have to listen to it.  They will hear, what WTFR has to say about JewTube and it’s communist cronies.

Really proud that YouTube obviously know the power of Candour and the good White Men and Women that surround it.

Cheers all, don’t miss the show at 10 PM EST, American Time.  1 PM Daylight Savings Time in Australia.

A middle finger in the air and a big FUCK YOU JewTube.  The world is waking up to your molestation of the First Amendment in the United States and the oh so corrupt 18c here in Australia.  Your goose is cooked, stick a fork in it!


Shaun’s American Trip Part I

On this episode of Shaun’s American Trip he speaks to Tom, a gentleman that is getting OFF THE GRID!  That’s right, for all you people that have been telling me that it’s just impossible to do so, you can read it and weep!

Part II will be coming soon.