Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-05-06

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • It’s getting harder and harder each week to do the broadcast
  • Clip:  The many things that have taken place in year 1948, such as planned parenthood
  • Paul Watson and the crucifixion of Kanye West
  • Clip:  Youtube giving the middle finger to many thousands of people when they take certain channels down
  • Clip:  WARNING, this clip is not for the faint hearted but you need to hear it – Missing children in the hundreds of thousands and never to be heard of again – Many of these children are being sold to pedophile networks where they are living under torturous conditions – These people need to be lined up and shot with a .22  (Shauns notes:  Amen.  These people NEVER change and DO NOT deserve a 2nd chance.  I recently spoke to a jew that believes pedophiles deserve a 2nd chance – Only pedos say these things.  This particular jew has shown signs of being a pedo on multiple occasions and I am looking for the evidence.  This is not to say he will see a court house if I get the said evidence.)
  • Clip:  Children in the Scouts are being perverted and are discouraged from calling boys boys and girls girls – The feminisation and emasculation of boys
  • Televangelist, Baker,  believes his cabins are the safest place to be when cometh the end days  (Shauns notes:  Ha!)
  • Young men are starting to hate women – Rob explains the difference between mgtow and involuntarily being celibate
  • Clip:  Hawaii is still on alert after the eruption – Many quakes surrounding the area and lava flow
  • Clip:  It is not a coincidence that all of these people including Trump are all attacked at the same time
  • Eric Holder is a communist scumbag that is still out there walking the streets and wanting to brainwash people against owning guns among many other things
  • Marxism being celebrated in China due to it playing a role in China becoming a world power
  • Confucius groups and Chinese students coming into our countries with their Marxism.  The Red Guard Chinese Maoists also Marxist.
  • A form of euthanasia where one can walk into some form of chamber and press a button to kill oneself  (Shauns notes:  I am not against this when one is in pain beyond measure leading to death anyway.  I had to watch my Aunty Lynn die horribly in pain with Cancer and I wish one of these chambers was around for her at the time.)
  • Clip:  Euthanised cats and dogs being put into dog and cat foods  (Shauns notes:  This reminds me of Soylent Green.  If you have not seen that film Ladies and Gents, you need too.  And don’t think for a moment, that the powers that be haven’t already thought about this.  We are dealing with THAT kind of creature.)
  • There has always been a communist spiritual breakdown and now Western Civilisation is so weak the Chinese could take over at the flick of a hat
  • Clip:  33 Thomas Street, constructed by AT&T – One of the most important assets of the NSA
  • Clip:  Some of Trumps comments at the NRA

And much more as usual…