TCTA Will Be Live Again Real Soon

First and foremost we apologise about not having a show live for the last 4 days.  Line tests are being redone in Shaun’s local area.  The problems that he was having with his lines before hand, have not been repaired after all.  After a good downfall of rain recently, the lines again went down and this has yet again, been reported to the communications companies needed.

In the meantime, we will indeed be getting a show to you via the websites, and so keep an eye out each day for that.  It’s good to visit periodically at very least to be sure that you ain’t missing out on anything.  As soon as they claim (yet again) that the lines will be fine, we will hopefully be live.

This has been an ongoing problem since late January and Shaun has since called the TIO (telecommunications ombudsman) and the Internet Provider has now stepped up it’s attacks on Telstra, which is the company that leases out all of the lines Australia wide.  The TIO will continue to badger the Provider at Level 1 and henceforth the Provider will badger Telstra, because they don’t want it reaching Level 2, knowing full well that the company can be charged, every time something is not being done.

Again, we apologise and will get a show off to you today in a pre-recorded fashion and we look forward to going live again very soon.  Just bare with us, because this really is out of our hands at the present time.  We’re getting just as impatient as you.

Stay well good people.

TCTA Staff…

Say No To telstra – The Shabby Foreign Communications Network

This Hong Kong based piece of crap network known as telstra (note that there is no capital letter) should be avoided at all costs.  As it is, that it has been since the 13th of January that the Internet here has not been properly functioning, due to the condition of telstra’s lines, it has been almost impossible to do a live show, much of the time.  It does have a positive side to this story however.  It just goes to show that since the network was taken out of white mans hands, it has turned to absolute sh*t.  And we here at TCTA expected nothing less.  It’s trying to get the brainwashed masses to see that the proof is in the pudding that is the hard part.

telstra started off known as Telecom.  Telecom was actually a very reliable network, given that it was predominantly run by white men and women, rather than Ching Chong Chinamen that have no idea of what contractors to hire, let alone how to repair a network themselves.  Hell, (note the capital letter for Hell) most of these Gooks (and the capital for Gooks) just put up the money and kick back to their communist kiddy f*cking, before they have anything to do with the way that the network is run.

Australian people are a week willed lot.  Not only did they just turn their companies over to “foreign interests”, they handed their freedoms over to such treachery as the World Trade Organisation and the United Nations Agenda 21, which opened doors to policies such as Codex Alimentarius, where the government can control what you eat and drink and Sustainable Development, which happens to actually just be a sugar coated term for property theft.  It wasn’t necessarily that Australians knew that Paul Keating was signing our lives out from under us whilst we slept in our beds, as much as it was that Aussies did nothing about it, when they finally found out.  Yep, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, the land of Terran Australis’ (sometimes known as Terrace Australis or Terra Australis) and it’s slap on the back nature around the barbeque, did what they knew best…  They scratched their balls, patted their ladies on the bottom and said, “She’ll be right mate!”

Yep, well, it’s so “right mate” that now not only do we not have liberties and freedoms, but are bought, sold, owned and owned, bought and sold through such things as the World Trade Organisation, United Nations Agenda 21 and the Lima Declaration.  And STILL, whilst our communications go to hell thanks to “foreign interests” and their off shore Indian call centers, Aussies sit back and say nothing.  The great sunburned country.  I think the f*ckin sun has burned their brain.  Sunstroke at it’s best.

So anyway my humble audience, there shall not be a live show until the chinks decide when they are going to hire a sh*tty contractor to come out here and do a sh*tty job, at fixing the lines, so that each time it rains, I don’t lose my connection on and off for the next week.

In the meantime, you can know that there will indeed be a show going ahead no matter what.  I will podcast the shows until the lines have been fixed beyond doubt.  So check back here at and for the latest shows.

Thank You for your patience and I do hope you write to telstra and let them know what a fantastic job they are doing as always.

Stay well.

TCTA Commences Tues, 27th of Jan

If all goes well and well goes all, TCTA will be back on the 27th of this month Ladies and Gents.  It’s been a frustrating time here in the studio, thanks to Telstra with their usual performance.  Delays, delays and ummm, more delays.  Finally, they are telling us that it’s all a go, so let’s hope everything will be “alright on the night”, as it’s said…

Much has been happening during the festive season and Shaun has been run off his feet trying to keep up, so there is going to be a lot to talk about.  Plenty of audio clips to play, plenty of yelling to be done.

One of the things that really need discussion are the ongoing attacks, when it comes to people being accused of something they are not.  We as radio networks, from behind the scenes network staff, to the host him/herself or even people that run websites such as Lee Rogers have all come under fire.  Doug Owen, Kyle Hunt, Nick Spero among others have all at one time or another been accused of being Co-Intel or a jew or a Nazi etc.  We must be doing something right…

In the meantime, get on over to Telstra’s (the communications network that cause so many delays) Farcebook page and let them know about how you feel, after having to wait so long for your daily dose of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed.  Let’em have it!

Thank You for reading and we will talk soon.