29th Sep, 2014 Edition of Harvesting Truth w/ Tara Beth

This edition of Harvesting Truth with Tara Beth focuses not only on the recent passing of Mr. James Traficant, but also on the life that he lead.  Some of his unfortunate times and some of his more fortunate and humorous times.  Tara speaks in depth of what happened to Mr. Traficant during his time as a congressman and the accusations made against him.


28th Sep, 2014 4hr Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

In this 4 hour edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed:

  • Mr. James Traficant passes away not long after Mr. Edgar James Steele
  • Brendon O’Connell calls Julie Bishop the foreign minister for Australia
  • Islam not fitting into Christian/Australian way of life
  • stanley “I’m a jew coward weasel” keyser
  • Bagel shop owner upset by Robert Ransdell’s anti-jew signs
  • Passion of the Christ actor shunned by jew hollywood
  • Israel’s claim to supremacist ownership
  • Shaun’s show is full of anti-hate contrary to occasional belief
  • A 1950’s look into Australia compared to what it has become today

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22nd Sep, 2014 Edition of Harvesting Truth w/ Tara Beth

• Tara Beth discusses her weekend adventure to the Mother Earth News Fair. Before she shares a bit of her notes she had taken while attending some of the workshops, she introduces the listeners to Dr. Weston Price and his vital research in nutrition.

• Sally Fallon, who has taken it upon herself to pass on Dr. Price’s work, is also introduced so people can understand how important it is that we get back to the culinary traditions that nourish our bodies with much the much needed nutrients not found in today’s mainstream diet.

• Chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cancer are discussed as she shares her notes from attending a workshop instructed by the son of a renown American herbalist; John Raymond  Christopher who is the founder of the ‘Natural School of Healing.

• Tara Beth’s notes from an ‘Organic Gardening for Newbies’ workshop are also shared to help avoid some common mistakes. The instructor of this class was Barbara Fleming who is contributing editor of the Mother Earth News Fair Magazine.

• The importance of bees and ways to make money are discussed from notes taken from this workshop as well.

• My brief chat with Joel Salatin is shared on the confederacy.


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Circus Maximus w/ Nick Spero Interviews Shaun Surplus

Freedompaloozapodcastnetwork.com is a new website as many of you may know.  Whilst Shaun has been podcasting and in live radio since 2003 all around the world, the new Freedompalooza Podcast Network has only just been born, out of the minds of Tara Beth and Shaun himself.  It consists of only two shows, to keep it sweet.  Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed w/ Shaun Surplus and Harvesting Truth w/ Tara Beth.  Both have their own ways of broadcasting and both have their own beliefs, which are often quite separate to each other.  This makes for great radio, especially when two shows on the same network can sometimes be complete opposites.  It just goes to show that people can get along, even if their view points and belief systems are completely different.  As Shaun always says, “As long as you’re doing whatever you’re doing with the best of intentions and you’re not doing it to harm others, you’re off to a good start”, and that is exactly how we feel, here on the Freedompalooza Podcast Network.

As the years go by in radio, no matter what kind of radio, whether it be podcasting or live, sooner or later the hosts get noticed for their efforts, as long as they have put in the time and hard work and have been as honest as they possibly can with their audience.  And believe me when I say, honesty comes at a price and sometimes even much sacrifice.  Many a friend will have turned their backs on the hosts, many other hosts and networks from the past, will have done the same.  Sometimes however, the sacrifices pay off and hosts such as Tara and Shaun are recognised by people around the world.  This is exactly what happened, when Nick Spero had heard Shaun on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, some years ago.  Nick, now having a show of his own, known as Circus Maximus, invites Shaun to speak about what has passed and what is present.  So please, sit back with your favourite beverage and enjoy this episode of Circus Maximus, with your host Nick Spero and his guest, Shaun Surplus.


17th Sep, 2014 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

In this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed:

  • Discussing Blacks more than Whites
  • Abbo elder says Australia has forgotten about helping Aboriginies
  • Blacks want to live in white neighbourhoods but then destroy streets
  • Feminist says boys are OK to have sex with teachers but for girls it’s statutory rape
  • 2007 ban on alcohol & pornographic material for Aboriginals

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Trail to Babylon

Trail to Babylon

Affirmative Action is destroying our little town. I fear for the safety of those beautiful college school girls who stupidly dress like hookers while walking the streets among frothing city animals who got into the University based on on the color of their skin, not by their grade scores. I work on the main drag downtown by the University, and last night the streets were filled with students who seemingly become more violent and recklessly drunk every year. I pray for my town, I don’t like seeing whites submitting to this highly promoted, black thug, over-sexed culture just because it’s been considered “cool and sexy” thanks to MTV and other pop-culture media outlets.

   It’s not cool, so far removed from cool that it’s dangerous and ugly. I pray for the girls especially. The way they dress and act just begs to be a victim of sexual assault. I mean, twerking? Is this a mating call or somthing? I never realized humans had a mating call. Gather round everyone, it appears there has been a shift in humanity where we’ve been demoted to a lower species! Our nation is in trouble and people like myself who are talking about these issues are considered “mean, judgmental and hateful,” when we’re just trying to correct American culture, and restore some of those much needed Christian morals. If you ask me, being a traditionalist, farming American who holds true to Christian morals is really “cool.” I just wish our society had promoted such an awesome, Christ-loving lifestyle so I didn’t have to take such a hard road in my youth to figure it out.

There is a reason why the system and powers that be are hell bent on dismantling our Christian heritage, and making those who stand true to those Christian views appear as “bad people.” These anti-Christian, federalist, banker, judeo-masonic, satanic scum who run this new America have been working at this cultural destruction scheme since just before the time of the ratification of the CONstitution. How far removed from decency our children have become. Just observing how more debauch and loveless our youth grows is a sure sign our nation is heading closer and closer to Babylon. I can’t help but wonder if there is anything we can do.

-Tara Beth

Tara Beth Does Her First Podcast On The Freedompalooza Podcast Network

Her first debut show on the Freedom Palooza Podcast Network, run by Shaun Surplus, Tara Beth talks about what she will be covering in the future on the show and also speaks about Gay Affirmative Action, that works against Christian moral standing.

Whilst there are a few bump-music problems during the broadcast, (Shaun is working on this) her first show was a good one.  A pat on the back and a warm welcome to Tara Beth and her new show Harvesting Truth.