TCTA w/ Tara Beth and Shaun Surplus 2017-08-10

On this edition of TCTA, Tara and Shaun speak about a great many things, including the role of Men and Women.  Rebooting your roots and going back to what you were instinctively.  They also speak about the time they spent together in the States and move on to talk about the latest Freedom Palooza.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy some great discussion.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

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TCTA Changes Face

As you can plainly see by the website, we have changed face.  Whilst we were, until today called the Freedompalooza Podcast Network, we are now known as TCTA Unleashed.

Sometimes ladies and gents, behind the scenes conflicts are inevitable.  Whether it be over a few small things or one large issue, it can dampen the way a network may be run.  This is something that we did not want for the network.

Religious and Non-Religious people on one network is never an easy task.  Even outside of religion, it can be hard for one belief system to get along with another belief system.  Sometimes, things just don’t pan out the way we plan.  But you know what?  That’s OK.  We can still look each other in the eye and say, “I need to go my way and you need to go yours, when it comes to the message we are trying to send to our audience.”

Now before the rumours start about how I was having an affair with Pauly and Tara got jealous about it, we should probably at least begin with reality.

Tara and Pauly will always remain my brother and sister-in-arms.  I doubt very much that anything will change that, but just like anybody in life, we have our rough times.  This is just one of those rough times we are facing and we are dealing with it as best we know how.  With understanding and grace.  I respect Tara and Pauly’s beliefs and who they are as great people, just as they respect me and we will get through this just as we have with hard times in the past.

I (Shaun) have decided to break away from the Freedompalooza side of things, with no disrespect meant to Pauly and Tara, as they know.  We have discussed this briefly in a mature and respectful manner.  I will be the only show on this network.  At this point in time, I will not be adopting other shows onto the network.  It will be me, myself and I.  Tara has spoken lightly on perhaps joining another network and I will keep you posted so that you can get on over there and continue to hear her shows.  She does a great show and has already had some interesting guests, so keep an eye out on the TCTA Unleashed website for further updates of where she may be in the future.

In the meantime ladies and gents, the show goes on and as always I hope you can join us here almost every day, to have a listen, to Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, with your host Shaun Surplus.

24th of Nov, 2014 Edition of Harvesting Truth w/ Tara Beth

On this edition of Harvesting Truth, Tara and her guests speak about the ongoing attack on Christianity and Moral Value in general.  Whilst our media, governments and schools seem to allow the mutilation of Christian symbolism, the judaic star of david (no capitals for deliberate reasons) seems welcomed at any time, in any place!  We have to ask ourselves why.

Whilst there were a couple of audio glitches during this show (Shaun is tempted to buy Tara a new laptop or Internet connection) (or both) this discussion between Tara and Ernest Pierce was a great discussion indeed.  You don’t need to be religious to understand what is being said here.  Please keep in mind that there is some dead-air (silence) during the broadcast.  Just let it play and the audio will come back.


Shaun Surplus to Introduce a Permanent Time Slot

Well, as you all know, Shaun has been recklessly doing his show at any time that suits him, because of his very strange schedule.  However, over time, since he has gone live again, he’s been experimenting with peoples timezones.  It’s never an easy task to suit every zone as one could imagine.  We have EST and CST as the main timezones it seems in the States and then we have AEST and ADST in Australia.  Then we have the UK to deal with as well and the wheels on the bus go round and round.  After having said that, he has finally decided that 11PM EST, 10PM CST for the United States, which is 2PM AEST, 3PM ADST for Australia and 4AM for the UK, is best as he can offer.

So ladies and gents, join the show every 11PM EST American time and 2PM AEST every day/night (depending on your location) by going to this link:

And for the chatroom, should you want to join the discussion, you can find that below:

Getting back into live radio is also never an easy task.  Since the network is just fresh off the bat live, it’s hard to get people to know that we are here.  Whilst we get 1500 to 2600 listeners a week sometimes, with certain podcast archives, the live show is trickling at best at the present time, because we haven’t had regular time slots until now.  Hopefully this will help people find us a little easier, through consistency.  YOU can also help ladies and gents, by posting this article to your Facebook page and websites, so that people can get to know about the new time slots.  We here at the Freedompalooza Podcast Network would be very grateful indeed.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Tara Beth’s show, known as Harvesting Truth, Monday’s at 10PM EST American time, which is Tuesday’s at 1PM AEST (2PM ADST) Australian time.  Tara gives her own perspective from the stand point of family and living off the grid as much as possible.  By all means check her out live on the same link above.

Thank You for joining us and please, have yourselves a great day/night.

27th Oct, 2014 Edition of Harvesting Truth, w/ Tara Beth

In this edition of Harvesting Truth, Tara invites a white nationalist and Shaun Surplus, (also sometimes labeled a white nationalist) to the table to discuss nationalism.  Is nationalism everything evil, the media makes it out to be, or could there be other aspects to it’s make up and what it really stands for?  These questions are visited, here with Tara Beth, Nathan and Shaun Surplus.


Freedompalooza Podcast Network to Go Live

Although I have been speaking to the idea that I probably won’t have Freedompalooza go live due to show time flexibility issues, it has been realised that due to new tools and such, it’s more flexible in this day and age than ever imagined, by myself.  So, without delay, I am making Freedompalooza live every time a show is being recorded.  You in tow, will be able to call into the shows and natter away in a chatroom, where the hosts can chat to you accordingly if they so choose.

If you’d like to join in on the chat whilst a show is taking place, you can find it here.  If you have Skype and want to call into the show for free, you can add the Skype name, studioshaun.  Perhaps in the near future, I will add a phone number for you to call in on, from normal phone lines.  We will see what kind of live following we get here first.

In the meantime, here is the link you will need to listen to live shows being run on the network.  At times, rebroadcasts will be run, but you will be alerted to when a show is live.  You will also have an email sent your way, before a show begins, should you be a member of the TCTA email list.

I hope this makes you smile.


Live Link:


3rd Oct, 2014 Edition of Harvesting Truth w/ Tara Beth

On this episode of Harvesting Truth, Tara Beth invites Shaun Surplus to the show to discuss a great many things, in a light fashion.  From the Georgia Guide Stones to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, join the two for a little banter on a few subjects that deserve attention.