2019-10-08 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about:

  • Millennial’s being more sick than other age groups
  • A recipe for those that do OK with caffeine
  • Different sweeteners that you can use other than Stevia
  • Fake tranny meat – LGBTQ burgers & Vegan Happy Meals at McDonald’s
  • The dangers of a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • Know where your food is coming from – Our ancestors didn’t have to worry
  • Truths and Myths about foods when it comes to what they contain etc
  • Cods liver oil and it’s benefits among other things that help deficiancies
  • Back in the day we were healthy and this is why we were racialists
  • Dietary advice for balancing emotions and mood

And much more.


Golden Monkfruit 1:1 Sugar Substitute

Cods Liver Oil – Tabitha’s Choice

Castor Oil Pack – Setfreehoosier’s Choice

Morning Latte’ (makes 1 serving)
1 teaspoon matcha green tea (I suggest either Thrive or Sun Potion brand)
1/2 teaspoon ashitaba
1/2 teaspoon cordyceps or reishi mushroom
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
tiny pinch of Celtic sea salt
1 teaspoon maple sugar
1 tablespoon coconut milk powder, coconut milk, or coconut cream
1 1/2 cups hot water
Add all of the above ingredients to a glass blender. (I recommend an Ostersizer blender). Blend on high for 10 seconds until combined and foamy. Pour into mug.


2019-10-01 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER, we apologise about the couple of silent spots during the broadcast.  Shaun has since fixed this problem when it comes to problematic callers.  Problematic callers that Shaun will speak about on his broadcast this week.  He will hand the number out of a troll caller.

Enjoy the show with your host, Tabitha!

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about:

  • Passion Flower and what it can do to help sleep
  • Patterns to have before sleep to relieve anxiety
  • The meaning of Slut means something different these days
  • Concentrates that help with metabolism
  • Sun potion sources – https://www.sunpotion.com/products/green-adaptogen-powder#our-sources
  • Different breads that can suit different occasions and recipes

And much much more…



2019-09-24 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about:

  • The equinox
  • Showing gratitude to the earth
  • Eating seasonally is better for the body
  • Making infused honey that you can use in Winter
  • Some recipes on how to use sage and it’s benefits
  • Health gurus that keeled over from poor health
  • Efficient low fat diets
  • Tabitha answers some chatroom questions
  • Lack of certain nutrients and gut flora can affect mental health
  • Different oils and margarine’s to steer clear of
  • Keeping away from Aspartame among other sweeteners
  • Cholesterol is important to the brain and body
  • Caution when it comes to what cookware you have
  • Zinc is important, especially for your libido – (That ant bit my tongue)
  • Soaking you legumes is an important part of preparation
  • When using olive oil for salads try getting raw olive oil

And much more!


Tabitha Joins WTFR

That’s right Ladies and Gents.  If you didn’t get to hear the latest broadcast then you’re missing out on the reasons as to why Tabitha has moved on over here.  In a nutshell, Tabitha was fired by Rengrenade on ridiculous notions.  The same ol’ “schtick” when it comes to Degenerade Broadcasting.

Tabitha will be speaking about a great many things and one of those things will be vitally important for many of you.  Do you know what that is?  I’ll tell you what that is.  Your health and wellness.  There is nothing better than being healthy but more so having the knowledge to learn how to remain healthy under almost any circumstances.

You will be able to hear White Wellness with Tabitha each Tuesday evening at 8 PM EST in the States which means us Aussies will be able to listen in each 10 AM on every Wednesday, AEST.  Bare in mind that time will change during DST, on the account of both Australia and America.

So don’t miss out.  The start date of the show will be on the 24th of September.  For Australians that will be the 25th.  Yep, that means tomorrow!

As the old saying goes, “Be there or BE SQUARE!”