Black Creatures Seem to Have Fetish

This is a strange one.  No matter where I look, it seems that black street thugs have a fetish for naked male butt cracks.  Over here in Australia, I have had multiple reports of Aboriginals getting white people drunk and then stealing their pants whilst they are passed out.  Could it be that these black creatures have a fetish for male genitals and/or butt holes?

From The White Voice:

“The pair ran off with Hinsch’s pants, but the duo was later stopped by police and found with Hinsch’s ID.”

I guess we’ll never know, because the black savage can just simply, not be worked out.  First he destroys and loots his own towns and then begs for it to be rebuilt and THEN he wants to steal peoples pants.  There is no logic, commonsense or intelligence to this, which is why it’s so confusing.  This author cannot even understand the robbing, given that the black creature is handed everything on a silver platter.