Brendon O’Connell Calls Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

Brendon O’Connell is the man that I have been speaking about for some years now.  The same Brendon O’Connell that did 3 years prison time, pretty much for speaking about jews, whilst he was defending Palestinians.  If you haven’t heard me speaking about him on the broadcast, then by all means, request the shows in the comments field.

If you would like to become a part of Brendon’s email list as I have, then send me an email at and I will send the list of names to Brendon.  In the mean time, here is his latest rant, where he calls Julie Bishop, (Australia’s foreign minister) at the same time.

From Isolate But Preserve:

On August the 8th 2010 an amazing thing happened – a massive rally to support Israel took place at a local Perth evangelical church. What was amazing about it was that the keynote speaker was Stanley Elliot Keyser – the man who brought charges against me. This was just 8 days before the original start of my trial on August 16th 2010.