The Gaming Corner w/ Shaun Surplus & Snake 2018-04-19

**DISCLAIMER —  This edition of the show is primarily about the people of Steam forums, so if you are a person looking for game reviews, don’t listen to this show.**

On this edition of The Gaming Corner Shaun & Snake speak about a great many things when it comes to the dangerous nature of Steam forums and at the last minute they go on to speak about a few games such as The Long Dark and Final Fantasy XV.



TCTA w/ Shaun & Bob 2017-12-20

On this edition of TCTA , Bob & Shaun speak about:

  • Computer gaming and what it could be compared to watching a movie (We recorded the first part of this show around 2 weeks ago, so we don’t want people thinking that we are commenting on what Reyvolt had to say on his show this week.  We are actually commenting on what the dude before Doug Owen had to say on RBN…)
  • Are there beings on other planets?
  • Gay Marriage now approved by degenerate pricks in Australia
  • Not approving comments for trouble makers such as Brian (get fucked) Oblivion
  • AI and what it could mean for human kind

And much more….


Back In the Days of Renegade – Alex Linder Joins Shaun

Hey Ladies and Gents.

I’ve been in a back and forth with somebody via email and one of the requests that he made, was to have a link to the show I did with Alex Linder of VNN.  So, I have decided to upload it and place it here on the website for those of you that are interested.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy the show.


A Random Music Night Here On WTFR

**  DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER:  Why wasn’t the music show posted immediately after it was done?  Because Shaun fell asleep, THAT’S why!  After 12 hours of radio, you would fall asleep too.  So don’t give me any shit!  **

Shield Maiden, Shaun, JimmyX, John, Jasper, Gadsden, South OZ, all join together tonight to speak about a great many great things to the point where things get very passionate.  A great discussion indeed!

The music was fantastic (except for Gadsdens rap crap LOL) and the conversation was awesome.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy 12 FUCKING HOURS of music and banter!  Yep, 12 hours.  Were we trying to break records?  Nope, these things just end up this way and since we had done 10 hours, I thought it would be a crime not to round it off to 12.  So there we go.

After having listened to small pieces of this and having heard myself singing, I am thinking, that we can have Karaoke nights here at WTFR.  Why the hell not?  Which one of you would be brave enough to sing your heart out on-air to your favourite tunes?  I’ve got literally hundreds of hours worth of Karaoke Midi music.  So there really isn’t an excuse and given the current discourse we face, I couldn’t think of anything better, when it comes to letting our hair down.

Enjoy my friends.



26th of Jan, 2016 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun & Michelle

Shaun & Michelle discuss a great many things on TCTA: Kangaroo Care, Maternal & Paternal Instinct, Racist Babies, Breast Milk Vs Formula, Picking Up Women Alpha Style, and more.

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— Disclaimer —

6th of Apr, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Different races in Australia and what they should mean to the country
  • Political correctness gone mad (clean your children’s nit infested heads ya dirty bastards)
  • Those that call us racists and haters are the ones to cast the first stones
  • FIRDS – F*cking Ignorant Retarded Douchebags
  • Gun licenses and laws including the 2nd Amendment
  • Tim Robins speaks against shoving a pill in a child’s mouth
  • Kevin Bloody Wilson sings ‘Living Next Door to Abbos
  • Reclaim Australia

Poverty, White Privilege, Institutional Racism, White Flight, among other ridiculous terms are simply created to cater for the innate stupidity of a minority.  Typically black minorities.


TCTA Will Be Live Again Real Soon

First and foremost we apologise about not having a show live for the last 4 days.  Line tests are being redone in Shaun’s local area.  The problems that he was having with his lines before hand, have not been repaired after all.  After a good downfall of rain recently, the lines again went down and this has yet again, been reported to the communications companies needed.

In the meantime, we will indeed be getting a show to you via the websites, and so keep an eye out each day for that.  It’s good to visit periodically at very least to be sure that you ain’t missing out on anything.  As soon as they claim (yet again) that the lines will be fine, we will hopefully be live.

This has been an ongoing problem since late January and Shaun has since called the TIO (telecommunications ombudsman) and the Internet Provider has now stepped up it’s attacks on Telstra, which is the company that leases out all of the lines Australia wide.  The TIO will continue to badger the Provider at Level 1 and henceforth the Provider will badger Telstra, because they don’t want it reaching Level 2, knowing full well that the company can be charged, every time something is not being done.

Again, we apologise and will get a show off to you today in a pre-recorded fashion and we look forward to going live again very soon.  Just bare with us, because this really is out of our hands at the present time.  We’re getting just as impatient as you.

Stay well good people.

TCTA Staff…