Telstra and Their Bullcrap

We’ve a had a nasty week or more here at TCTA Unleashed, Ladies and Gents.  The lines up here in the Alpines seem to have taken a lickin and they ain’t f*ckin tickin.  So until the slack f*ck wits over at Telstra pull their heads out of their arses and finally get something done around here, we are rendered pretty bloody useless.

For those of you looking for something to do whilst we are away, get on over to the Daily Slave and see what’s happening over there.  Always great jews news and alternative views going on, on the Slave.  Also check out Renegade Broadcasting with Kyle and the boys.  A good line up of hosts discussing some serious issues that are often deliberately ignored by the mainstream media.

Stay cool peoples and we will be back with you as soon as we can.

4th of Dec, 2014 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

In this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed:

* Shaun goes into the nitty gritty of common born Aussies becoming the minority by 2025.  Us little white Aussie maggots are worth as much as simple disintegration it seems.

* Shaun also speaks to Farrakhan’s treachery when it comes to his Nation of Islam, planting a violent seed in the minds of his cult followers.

* The NAACP cop a hiding.

* Transgender perverts could end up in YOUR daughters bathroom/toilet.

* The SPLC has NOTHING to do with poverty!

* Dr. William Pierce explains discrimination.  Shaun comments accordingly.

* Shaun accents Dr. William Pierces speech, with the Daily Slave transgender article.




TCTA Becomes a Part of the Renegade Broadcasting Carrousel Repeater Lineup

Some of you may recall, not so long ago, Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting, inviting Shaun onto his show known as, ‘The Solar Storm‘.  Well, in amidst both Kyle and Shaun juggling with the idea of a time that Kyle will be able to join Shaun on TCTA, Kyle has generously offered to play some of Shaun’s podcasts on Renegade Broadcasting as a part of their weekday repeats.

Our man Ches, mailed us this morning, letting us know that he had sent Kyle a message asking if he would be willing to place the Freedompalooza Podcast Network in the ‘other’ section of the Renegade Broadcasting Network’s webpage and Kyle was happy to do so.  So a big tilt of the hat to Kyle and other members over there at Renegade Radio.

Should Shaun forget to plug the Renegade Broadcasting Network each show, please be sure to digitally slap him in his forgetful face, so that he can get it right!

Thank You for reading and have a great and “racist” day!