Shaun Plays Some Music On Renegade Broadcasting After A Reboot

Tonight, after rebooting the system on Renegade, as a treat, Shaun plays some music by artists such as  Sinead McCarthy, Paul Topete, Battle Axe and even plays some of his own music on-air.  Whilst it was into the wee hours of the night in the US he rocked on for a whole two hours!

Enjoy the tunes Ladies and Gents and think about sending in your own tunes.  As silence is consent, so is it a shame when nobody will hear your music or see your art.


Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (7-14-16)

Tonight Shaun discusses how hard it is to get by, even for those with full-time jobs and a few family members working. He also speaks about taking chances to meet people of like mind, in order to join in on Beattie Boy get-togethers. Also, some of the talking points between Jeanice and Graham Hart are discussed. And much more as usual on TCTA.


Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (7-7-16)

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about some of his activism activities and then proceeds to play an audio clip he recorded with “Jew Banker” face-to-face after they had met in his neck of the woods. Whilst this show is entertaining it is not your regular Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed. It has a more of a “couple of drinking Aussies sitting around shooting the shit” type edge to it. It is one you will either love or hate. Or maybe even love to hate. Or hate to love. Ha!