It looks like Grenade may be a tranny after all Ladies and Gents!  I was just sent this and by fuck I had to ask if it was actually Sinead!  She literally looks fucking horrible.  I wouldn’t hump her with a pig-dogs dick!  Gross!  She looks a bit like Gadsden!  My god what happened?  At one stage she got away with looking like the chick out of dolls, but now!?  Lucky Bile invested in his own vagina some years back because now somebody else has the testicles!

Fighting the Good Fight One Traitor At a Time

Article author: Dan Rayner / EnglishNews.org / Article Published: 2nd day of Ærra Līþa 2269.RE / 2nd day of June 2019
Do not Visit the Renegade Tribune or Renegade Radio/Broadcasting of the image-defilers Kyle & Sinead
I along with most of their former writers, radio hosts, supporters and racial nationalist online posters believe their espousing of ‘flat earther’ theory (something espoused by Christian fringe revisionists and nutjobs) alongside giving lipservice to our racial nationalism is a deliberate attempt to damage the credibility of the racial nationalist topics they cover. Remember also how Kyle was a ‘Star theory’ advocate (some nutjob unrelated conspiracy topic) before he moved into giving lip-service of racial nationalist topics and how Sinead is barely even concerned with racial nationalism spending more time talking about obscure health subjects. It was a mistake to ever associate with Renegade Tribune for even just the 1month that I wrote for them (mostly copied articles from this site).

The New Renegade Video Badge is Complete

After a lot of hard work and fossicking about, I have finally finished the Renegade Video Badge Ladies and Gentlemen.  This small intro/promo video can be used as an intro to Renegade shows on YouTube.  Or anywhere for that matter.

Some people like to post their favourite Renegade shows on YouTube, so they are more than welcome to put this Renegade Badge before the show, to illustrate what we are about in a nutshell.  Or, they can place it after the show instead.  Either way works.

The video also serves as a promo, more for people on our level of thinking and understanding, but you just don’t know who you may attract out of sheer curiosity.  People are curious beings and when they see something like this, even if they hate the initial feeling it gives them, they sometimes “just need to know”.

Spread it far and wide.  The message is getting out there.  That message being, that Renegade has open arms to new friends that want to learn.  Albeit, it takes an open mind and quite a bit of intelligence to get what Renegade has to offer, I believe we are attracting those very people.  The quality people.

It’s not about quantity, although it seems we are getting that too.  It’s more about quality.  You are those people.

Should you need a direct copy of the video, contact me at dessnr@hotmail.com …  I will drop you a link for it, so that you may add it to any videos you like.

Enjoy the clip.


Shaun and Rose rock it into the wee hours of the night on Renegade…

Shaun and Rose rock it hard into the wee hours of the American and Canadian night.  They fill in for the Friday 10 O’Clock edition of Renegade Broadcasting.  As smelly as Rose was, Shaun holds on and tolerates it as much as he can whilst they play requests from the chatroom…