2019-08-16 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Some people that put our white folk in danger need a punch in the head
  • Shaun is moving to Queensland so there may be a pause in broadcasting
  • Florida white man allegedly spits in face of black girlfriend because he didn’t want to play ‘slave and slaver’ – New York Daily News
  • Netflix praised for adding Trans character to reboot of 1990s children’s classic Rocko’s Modern Life _ Daily Mail Online
  • Two Illegal Aliens Are Charged With Raping An 11-Year-Old Girl In Maryland
  • Israeli hiker dies after slipping off cliff at Hitler’s ‘Eagle’s Nest’ _ The Times of Israel
  • It’s All About Disarming White America_ Sen. Kamala Harris Willing to Send Cops Door-to-Door to Confiscate Banned Firearms, by Paul Kersey – The Unz Review
  • Between July 16 and July 28th, 2019, There Were 36 Mass Shootings Across the United States_ Blacks Were Suspects in 34 of Them, by Paul Kersey – The Unz Review
  • Multi-million pound Holocaust memorial outside Parliament is set to be rejected amid complaints _ Daily Mail Online
  • Audio:  Blackbird9 and Shaun give their opinions on Epstein
  • Audio:  Life Is Crap
  • George Orwell hits the nail on the head when it comes to history being rewritten

And much more…


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-10-26

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • New call-in lines
  • People calling the race card
  • ‘It is fuel for me’_ Harnessing the revolutionary power of women’s anger – RN – ABC News
  • Driverless cars promise a future without fatal crashes, if Victoria’s roads are ready – ABC News
  • Man arrested over mail bombs sent to critics of US President Donald Trump – Donald Trump’s America – ABC News
  • Alberta Holocaust denier convicted in Germany for ‘incitement to hatred’ _ CBC News
  • Racist trolls inundate dead University of Utah athlete’s Facebook page _ Daily Mail
  • Dozens injured when apartment floor collapses near Clemson University _ Daily Mail

And much more as usual…



Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-03-04

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Can this planet get anymore insane?  Yes it can!
  • Mark Dice speaks about the Orwellian nature of YouTube and the SPLC among other things
  • South African gangsters seizing the white farmers land  (Shauns notes:  Go figure.  Don’t forget to listen to this edition of TCTA where Shaun speaks with Karen Smith about the killing of white South Africans.  This is nothing new, this has been happening for the last 50 years there abouts.)
  • We will be happy to have the white people back over here, so kick them out of South Africa, but fair is fair and we in tow get to kick every black out of Europe.  (Shauns notes:  Sounds like a great fucking plan to me.  Let’s do it!  Blacks can fuck off back to their shit pit and our whites can come here or to America, England etc….  I will house a few white families until they get on their feet here in Australia.)
  • Rob makes a great point about the whole Zieg Heil deal (Shauns notes:  It’s funny how every fucking disgusting kike likes to speak about the 6 million myth but never want to mention anything about the 70-100 million white Christians killed by jews during the Bolshevik Revolution a.k.a. the Red Revolution.)
  • South African woman calls into Kike Savage and speaks about the same types of things that Karen Smith has spoken about time and time again…  (Shauns notes:  I have a neighbour that has a white South African friend here in Australia that speaks about all of this and one of the main points they make is that the mainstream jew run media, refuse to touch on  it.  When are you politically correct social justice retards going to wake up to the fact that this is a white genocide.  I’m happy to say, that some of my 16 year old Sons friends online, understand that this is an attack on white people.  They are all around his age.  The elderly I meet here seem to get it too.  It’s only the baby boomer age groups and a bit younger that don’t seem to get it, because they were bought up by their televisions to believe that even when white people are dying en-mass that they should just join hands in a verse of kum-ba-fuckin-ya!  Fucking pussy cowards!)
  • Clip:  China Watch – The world cries tyranny
  • Dogs and Cats really are “man’s best friend” and they should be treated as such.  Eating them does not show love to the said Dog or Cat.  (Shauns notes:  Just another example of 3rd world savagery.  Who the fuck would eat such noble animals?)
  • If you’re using a card instead of cash when and where you spend, THEY have you by the balls and you need to check that!
  • Clip:  A gentleman speaks of what a militia is there to take back the country from the hands of tyranny (Shauns notes:  Isn’t it quaint, that the militia is always demonised in todays computer games.  I was playing the latest Batman game called Arkham Knight recently and they made the militia look like a bunch of criminals.  Criminal groups have never been a part of a militia, because the militia does not accept unprovoked violence.  They only wish to maintain the safety of their families.  The media and many of the gaming companies obviously have an agenda, to be lying the way they are about the militia.)
  • Alex Jones refuses to talk about important issues (Shauns notes:  Jones is one of the reasons that this world is where it is.  He exposes a few things here and there but never talks about the most important issues such as the jesuits and/or the jews.  He’s a half truther at best.)
  • The founding of the state of Israel has significance today and you will have to listen to the Rob’s broadcast as to why  (Shauns notes:  Very important.)
  • Trump and his possible gun confiscation
  • Clip:  Bill Maher – Clip was removed and this is how JewTube rolls.  They delete shit they don’t want people to know…

And much more…


The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-10-10

On this episode of TGPP, Gads talks about:

  • Gadsden gets a week ban on twitter shortly after he calls out Harold Covington
  • Harold Covington posted on twitter we should accept Richard Spencer as our leader because the media chose him as one
  • Gay Jewish State Senator of California pushed bills into laws that jail people for using wrong pronouns for trannies while knowingly spreading HIV also gets legalized
  • Muslims demand pork free menus or they’ll leave America  (Shaun’s notes:  GOOD!  Fuck off ya woman beating sack of crap.  Nobody wants you there anyway.  You look like a bunch bearded turds on feet and can’t help but stir up trouble…  Get out of our white countries and let us live peacefully.)
  • Milo’s filmed singing “America the Beautiful” while Alt-Righters salute him  (Shaun’s notes:  Shows what degenerates the alt-right is…  They are as bad as Antifa…)
  • Yesterday was Leif Erickson day, the first European after the birth of Christ to discover mainland America. Christopher Columbus was possibly was Marrano Jew

And much more…


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

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Know Your Place Or Pay My Bills

Ladies and Gents if you come into the chatroom and/or do a show and mention that you are a Pagan or a Christian, then you can expect blow back from the other side, such as the Atheists or Agnostics.  I don’t see myself as any of the labels you put on me, I am just Shaun, but you go ahead and have fun in the sand with the rest of the kiddies.

Don’t dare tell me that you can come into the chatroom and start mentioning your religions and philosophies and then I have to shut the fuck up, so that I don’t hurt your superstitious fucking feelings, because I’ll simply tell you to go and fuck yourself.

If you come and mention you are Christian, then you can expect people to react if they believe the opposite.  If you’re here to fight for white, then do it and shut the fuck up.  My network doesn’t need religion to fight the good fight, that’s YOUR weakness, not mine.

When I stayed with Paul Topete and his Family, do you think for a moment that I asked him to take the crucifixes off his walls?  No!  Do you think I walked away from the table when they said grace?  No!  It’s his home and I respect it.  Well, WTFR is MY fucking home, so don’t tell me what I can and can’t do in it or that I am some how trying to convert you.  Fuck that, I wouldn’t waste my time.  But I will speak my opinion, since you shoved your religious notions in my face, whether it be in the chatroom or otherwise.


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-08-03

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Could child sex dolls be ‘prescribed’ to treat pedophiles_ — RT UK
  • Brad Pitt_ ‘Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America’ _ Neon Nettle
  • Mark Latham SLAMS Muslim Activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied For The Rise of ‘Anti-White Racism’
  • Chicago man who threw the two dogs from roof gets prison _ Daily Mail Online
  • Posters Distributed In Western Sydney Call For BAN On Burqa
  • Muslim father prays with his son near Maroubra Beach _ Daily Mail Online
  • Clip: Australians Against Halal – _This Is Australia, We Are Not Islamic
  • Clip: AUSTRALIA Converting To Islam – I Converted To Islam – Aussies
  • Cory Bernardi Calls To DEPORT Halal Boss Mohamed Elmouelhy
  • Australian Governments Fund Islamic Museum – The Unshackled
  • Clip: Muslim have a multi wives(harem) in Australia
  • Rose and her gossiping bullshit continues – If you’re going to gossip, you should get your facts right at least

And more….



TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Robert Reyvolt 2017-06-29

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks with Robert Reyvolt of Incendiary Radio (RBN) in the first hour and then goes on to speak about:

  • Robert Reyvolt joins us to speak about Christianity & Atheism
  • Young girl getting raped as somebody takes photo
  • Morgan Freeman and racism – Just stop talking about it
  • Clint Eastwood being a pussy – Ellen Dominates the bitch
  • Axl Rose motivates us to go out and get what we want
  • Kyle & Sinead of Degenerade begging for money

And more…


Thursday, 29 June 2017

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