Kiwi6 Maybe Down

Hi there Ladies and Gents.

I’ve received a few emails stating that files on my website are not downloadable at the present time and this does seem accurate.  Reports range from not being able to download older shows (such as last years shows) to not being able to download any at all.

I have contacted Kiwi6 (the server that I upload the shows to) and I await their reply.  This has happened in the past and they are usually pretty quick to rectify the problem, but at the moment, the problem is out of my hands.

I will be back and forth throughout the day and evening to keep you up-to-date, both in the comments area below and in the chatroom.

Bare with us.  I’m sure this is just a small glitch and as I said, Kiwi6 have always been excellent when it comes to fixing their problems fast.

Take care and thanks for listening.


TCTA Get’s An Ear Job

That’s right Ladies and Gents.  Recently I announced that I would be bringing back call-ins.  As it is that I only had an Australian number, people from the States have been showing some interest.  So I went out of my way (and out of my pocket for a new system, so you better appreciate this) to not only get a new number, but a new way of taking calls.

From now on, we will have call-cues so that nobody misses out.  Meaning, that when you call in, you will be able to hear the show in the background whilst you wait in line and then I will get to your calls in the order that you call in.  Neat huh?  Yeah if only you knew the price!

So, although I did recently give out an Aussie number that was going to be used, (one of which Skype will not refund (pricks)) below are the numbers that will actually be used for the broadcast.

American number local to Austin Texas:  512-488-5801

Australian number local to god knows where:  03 906 851 96

The way that I am doing things now, costs me much more, so take advantage of it as much as possible.  It’s only a phone call cost for you.  I am fitting the bill and there really ain’t a reason you shouldn’t call-in, whether it be to agree or disagree.  That’s what this is all about.  Good clean discussion and/or debate.

For those of you local to 107.9 FM or 1650 AM and listen to the show there, you can use that Aussie number above to call in on live show times.  Saturday 12 PM AEST – Saturday 1 PM ADST – Saturday 2 PM once the American DST changes.  For instance we are in Aussie DST (Daylight Savings Time) at the moment, so the show starts at 1 PM each Saturday.  That is 10 PM for the States on a Friday night of course.

I look forward to talking with you my White Brothers & Sisters in Arms.



Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-05-27

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • It’s Memorial Day in America
  • Thank You Global Zionists for sending us to War, just for your sick gain
  • People are thinking for themselves and they realise this train has gone off the tracks
  • Clip:  Hardcore fight against Child Trafficking & the Military culture Vs Citizen culture
  • Marines still need to think after they dress up into their Military outfits  (Shaun’s notes:  I would say also that the Police Force should live by the same ideal.  After they dress into their Police Uniform, they need to think and decide for themselves whether what they are doing is right for the American/Australian people.)
  • Clip:  The powers that be taking down those that dare to speak out about Child Trafficking – The take down of Robinson
  • Clip:  Forced diversity – You’re forced into living with other races and when you move away, you’re hunted down for being a racist – There is no such thing called “freedom of association” within Western Civilisation  (Shaun’s notes:  Section 8 housing is equivalent to our commission and/or community housing.  And we have the same problems here.  I was a cleaner of commission housing for quite a while after somebody was evicted or left the house.  Ohhhhhh the fun.)
  • Caller Jeff calls into speak about a great many things, including Dirty Bombs and 007 (Shaun’s notes:  Jeff’s Genius never ceases to amaze nor entertain.  His articulation and use of knowledge is 2nd to none.)
  • Caller Chris in Las Vegas speaks about:  The Fixers that fix certain situations (like mafia cleaners) and dirty attorneys  (Chris’ voice reminds me of Reverend Ted Pike.  We had Rev. Pike on RadioX back in 2010 a couple of times.  He knows what is what when it comes to Judaism and it’s corruption.)
  • Derek in Minnesota talks about:  A few things after being a little left behind on Rob’s show, including who ‘Russ’ may be – (Shaun’s notes:  Ha!  Russ and his antics.  You trolls make me laugh.  It’s entertaining to say the least…)
  • Chatty Cathy calls in and speaks about:  Things have calmed down since she has been bullied for what she knows – Cathy plays something for Rob that is a little hard to hear – It’s the ultimate smack down, because she (on the audio) stayed calm in telling the truth
  • Clip:  The Talpiot Program often lied about in the Wikipedia (the same Wikipedia that is run partially by Israel) is explained and what is going on behind it
  • Caller Mark in Philadelphia:  Remington being molested by new jewish ownership – The relation to Trump – The downgrade to weapons  (Shaun’s notes:  This is a good point.  When a population cannot be disarmed, the next best thing to do would be to downgrade the weapons quality.  You could then arm the powers that be with the quality arms and the “plebeians” with the low quality arms.  Very good point.  How quaint, that everything the jews infiltrate becomes of second and third rate crap, whilst they continue to have the utmost of high quality.)
  • Clip:  The little faggot Shaun King needs to be slapped around for the bullcrap he goes on with and many Marines (retired or active) would like to knock this little bitch out
  • Caller Chris calls back in and discusses the Police situation after Rob had spoken about being pulled over and pulling his own weight
  • Caller Mer speaks with Rob about Transhumanism after Rob plays a clip about the subject
  • Clip:  The Trans-Human resistance coming out of Christian communities

And much more as usual…


55 Extra RadioX Editions Added to the Lineup

That’s right Ladies and Gents!  If you’re not taking advantage of the 24/7 stream where you can hear what has been happening on WTFR, you’re missing out.

Throughout the day, we play repeats of the shows that have been recorded here at WTFR, but not only that, we also play past shows from other networks that did some good work in exposing the cretins at the top of the pyramid, if you will.  From Peter Schaenk all the way to Eustace Mullins, Dr. William Pierce and JimmyX of RadioX.

Just tonight, I was sifting through some old data CD’s and DVD’s and low and behold, I came across a whole heap more of the RadioX broadcasts that JimmyX and myself did all those years ago.  From 2009 onwards.  Yep, I feel old!  And tired.

Again, many of the shows played on the 24/7 are not available for download ANYWHERE, so the only way to hear them, is to have the WTFR 24/7 stream running in the background, whilst you’re fixing the car, watering the garden or doing the ironing.

You can check out the schedule here and listen to the 24/7 here, to be able to hear your favourite broadcasts running throughout the day.

I have also implemented a little extra for the 24/7 repeats.  At 10 PM EST American time, Robert Reyvolts show plays as a repeat each evening, but I have now made it so that I can pick a broadcast of my choice, or YOUR choice to play at 10 PM on the 24/7 lineup.  This can be a show that you have picked from another network (there are some limitations) or it can be a show you have picked right here from WTFR.


If you email me and say, “Shaun, I listened to a broadcast from the network known as RBN today and I would love to have you put that in the quick pick slot, so that people that listen to WTFR can hear it as well”, then I would place that show of your choice into the quick pick slot and it will automatically be played that night at 10 PM EST, unless of course there is a live show at that time.  If nothing is picked, then a Reyvolt show will be played instead.

So what are you waiting for?  Start noting down your favourite shows and emailing them to me, so that we can start opening some minds.

Stay well!


If You Send Me a Podcast You Must OBEY!!! LOL!

I get some shitty audio sent to me Ladies and Gents.  So I am going to make this a statement.

If you send me a podcast, there are some hints I can give you that will help me in many ways, otherwise I just may not process the audio or post the show at all, depending on how bad the audio is.  I am not made of time, so stick to these ideas as a rule of thumb and you will be helping me big time!

1- Record your audio in 15 minute segments or as one long audio file (Around 2 hours)

2- Collect the clips or links you want played on the show and send them to me (unless you know how to insert them yourself, in a clean fashion into your audio)

3- Number the segments should you do 15 minutes segs, so that I know what order they are suppose to be in

4- Do NOT add music.  This does not bode well with my templates and breaks at all.

5- I don’t normally do podcasts, (the processing is too much fucking around for the time available to me) so always consider live shows if possible.

If you follow the first 4 at least, that makes my audio processing much easier.

Thank You.


The Less Than 1% Show w/ John

On this edition of LT1%S, John speaks bout:

**DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER – The audio was so bad in this one that I did not even bother engineering in the breaks and such.  The way I do things here at WTFR, is I create templates to work with and if audio sent to me has music and such included, as well as mangled fades and things of that nature, although I more than have the ability to repair the file in it’s terrible state, I just don’t have the time to do it.  If anybody sends me audio in the future, they need to send me clean 15 minute segments (there abouts, they don’t have to be exactly 15 mins) without music.  So in this episode, I slapped it together with the WTFR badges and then did a small amount of audio processing which was hectic enough as it was, because it was in such bad shape.  This is hence why I rather do live shows, because there is almost no processing involved after the show is done.  My audio processing design is all done on the fly whilst the host is live.  What you hear live is how it is recorded and then uploaded.

1- Record your audio in 15 minute segments or as one long audio file (Around 2 hours)

2- Collect the clips or links you want played on the show and send them to me (unless you know how to insert them yourself, in a clean fashion into your audio)

3- Number the segments should you do 15 minutes segs, so that I know what order they are suppose to be in

4- Do NOT add music.  This does not bode well with my templates and breaks at all.

5- I don’t normally do podcasts, (the processing is too much fucking around for the time available to me) so always consider live shows if possible.

If you follow the first 4 at least, that makes my audio processing much easier.

DISCLAIMER over and out!**

  • Shaun is setting himself apart from the previous network
  • We are a bunch of pissed off white people with what is happening
  • Not being apart of Spencers shitty movement – What a movement is
  • John can’t wait 7 days for Reyvolt because so much is happening (Shauns Notes:  John means no insult to Reyvolt here.  What he is saying, is that there is so much happening during the week and people like Reyvolt, me and others just can’t keep up with it all with a once a week show, but we don’t have the time to be doing a show every day…)
  • jews control not only the mainstream media, but also much of the alternative media
  • 1 bitcoin outweighs an ounce of gold and silver is down to 16 dollars an ounce
  • Worries about Syria – Israel goes into Syria and does bombing raids while Russia sits on it’s hands
  • Clip:  Rivero is selling some kind of mainstream mantra
  • Israel is pulling the strings – The implementation of the NWO (JWO)
  • The less the government does the better
  • Contracts are not contracts – No contracts when people violate it (Shauns notes:  I don’t believe in contracts at all.  The closest I come to honoring something like a contract, is a hand shake between myself and other good men / women.)
  • The parasites hijacked a successful white system
  • Clip:  Rivero, situation in Syria – The greater Israel project
  • We have an edge as WTFR, because we don’t broadcast for the sheckles
  • We’ll be damned if our kids will be conscripted to please kikes
  • Clip:  May 16th reads story about Syrian troops moving in and getting ready to take over another city that’s controlled by ISIS
  • Hitler was only a figurehead (Shauns Notes:  I think Hitler was MUCH more than this.  Whilst he was funded by the enemy itself, the plans he had, via his own spiritual understanding within his very conscious existence, ran deep.  He was not just sending his troops here and there in my opinion.  Just as I use farcebook against those that created it, Hitler was using the funds of the enemy to defeat them.  He went the wrong way about it obviously, otherwise the war would have been won against the kike.  Whilst I am not necessarily looking for a Hitler to follow, I do think we need to employ MANY of the ideas that he had in place, because of their successes.)
  • Rescuing white people from South Africa but on the same token, we can only look after our own countries to begin with
  • Lauren Southern and her “special” relationship with Milo the homosexual (Shauns notes:  I call Milo a homogrossual)
  • Boy Scout leaders being pervert homogrossuals and you MUST conform
  • Lauren Southern goes to France – Then she goes to Italy even though these countries are none of her business
  • Rachel Corrie killed by Israel and yet it’s work as usual – Israel still kills Palestinians
  • BUY THE FUCKING MONUMENTS!!!  (Shauns Notes:  A-fucking-Men!)

And more…


22nd Sep, 2014 Edition of Harvesting Truth w/ Tara Beth

• Tara Beth discusses her weekend adventure to the Mother Earth News Fair. Before she shares a bit of her notes she had taken while attending some of the workshops, she introduces the listeners to Dr. Weston Price and his vital research in nutrition.

• Sally Fallon, who has taken it upon herself to pass on Dr. Price’s work, is also introduced so people can understand how important it is that we get back to the culinary traditions that nourish our bodies with much the much needed nutrients not found in today’s mainstream diet.

• Chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cancer are discussed as she shares her notes from attending a workshop instructed by the son of a renown American herbalist; John Raymond  Christopher who is the founder of the ‘Natural School of Healing.

• Tara Beth’s notes from an ‘Organic Gardening for Newbies’ workshop are also shared to help avoid some common mistakes. The instructor of this class was Barbara Fleming who is contributing editor of the Mother Earth News Fair Magazine.

• The importance of bees and ways to make money are discussed from notes taken from this workshop as well.

• My brief chat with Joel Salatin is shared on the confederacy.


Harvesting Truth Facebook Page Here