1st of Dec, 2014 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

Norway just isn’t black enough ladies and gentleman.  Thank God we have that rat faced “Kohn Artist” jew by the name of Ervin Kohn, the President of the jewish community in Oslo.  He will make sure that this changes.  He will make perfectly sure that the all white Norway will become the same “licorice all-sorts” that America and Australia have become.

Daily Slave articles:

  • St. Louis football team known as the rams promotes riots in Ferguson
  • Alex Jewns (Jones) pet negro gets lambasted by savages in Ferguson
  • Michael Browns step father says, “burn it down” when cop not indicted
  • Negro professor believes that white Americans are anti-black
  • Romanian Mayor has Hitler hair style and jews cry six trillion tears

Shaun’s oh so famous imitations and more…


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