The Non-Fictionary That YOU Can Add To

Ladies and Gentlemen!

It’s time that we release the Non-Fictionary.  That’s right.  Tabitha and I have been working on what we call, the Non-Fictionary.  We had both over the years been making up different words that explain the things we talk about, better.  Among other words we had taken from other people, and then given them definitions.

We want YOU, to improve on these definitions or even add new words to the Non-Fictionary.

You can do this by writing to and leaving your word, definition or both.  Or you can simply leave a comment under the Non-Fictionary and then we will add it for you.

Let’s get creative!

Homophobia = Homogrossic (It’s not a phobia, it’s just gross)

Deathstyle = Lifestyle for the mentally ill

Die-t = A lifestyle of foods that leads to one’s demise

Zogbox, Tel-lie-vision, talmudvision, tel aviv Vision = Television

Amazog = Amazon

Diversity = A way of diverting our attention to what’s really going on. A code word
for “White Genocide.” Genocide is defined as the deliberate killing of a large group
of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

Multiculturalism = Multiracialism. Collapse of civilization. Lack of cohesion leads
to the demise of the parent culture and ultimately the death of the civilization.

Racism = A term used against Whites in an attempt to hurt them for wanting to
congregate with their own folk. The correct term is racialist.

Anti-Racism = A code word that means “Anti-White.”

Transexual = A gender dysphoric mental illness that is caused by vaccines, GMO’s,
chemtrails, abuse/trauma, xenoestrogens and the media. There is no such thing as
transgenderism because it is biologically impossible to morph your sex even with
hormones, surgery, cosmetics and fancy dress. The correct term is transvestite.

Globalism = A zionist ideaology of economic slavery in which an oligarch elite class
rules over a raceless, cappuccino colored dysgenic worker bee class with peanut sized

Eugenics = A Greek word meaning “good” or “well” plus “born.” Eugenics is aimed at
improving the genetic composition or racial stock. The word was villianized by the
jews during WWII. The transhumanist garbage being practiced today is not eugenics
but dysgenic and synthetic.

Pedophile = A soft sounding Greek word that translates into “child” and “friendly
love.” It is code for “child rapist” or “sexual predator.”

Pedosexuality = Same as above

Debt or Interest = Also known as usury; the illegal action or practice of lending
money at unreasonably high rates.

Anti-Semite = An invented libel charge cried out in pain to a person who calls out
jewish bad behavior. The word ‘anti- semitism’ first appeared in print in 1880. It
has been built up with jewish money, organizations, propaganda, and lies so that now
the word has become like venom which paralyzes one’s nervous system.

Circumcision = Involuntary and nonconsensual genital mutilation. It is done to
create a schism in the brain; with the goal of triggering psychopathy or sociopathy.
Amputating the foreskin removes natural male sensitivities and the abilitiy to bond
with females hormonally. Cutting and permanmently altering the penis is the genesis
of maladaptive behavior.

Ultrasound = Originally created for submarines in the early 1900’s. Fish explode
when they swim through it as it’s radiatioactive weapon. Causes infertility.
Ultrasound fucks up the baby’s oxytocin so thy need opiods to feel good. Will likely
become addicts; as this is how they experience well being because the prefrontal
cortex is damaged.

The Holocaust = Dresden

New World Order (NWO) = jew Global Oligarchy (JGO) There is no place in the JGO
for Whites.

Feminism = A scam created by the Rockerfellers (((Rockerfelders))) to make women feel
inadequate and beneath men in order to collect double the income taxes by having both
sexes work. Also functions to create polarity between men and women, as a platform
for those who exhibit hatred of hygiene and self care and to dilude women into
believing a career is more rewarding than motherhood.

Communism = Capitalism = Consumerism

War = a jewish version of farming in which beefs are fomented and the two opponents
engage in doing the parasite’s dirty work. The money made from the blood bath is the
harvested crop.

Vaccine = a poisonous concoction of AIDS, cancer, glyphosate, thimerosol (mercury),
aluminum and DNA from other races and animals usually administed without consent to a

Federal Reserve = a privately owned jewish cartel that prints money out of thin air
with no gold bullion to back it up. Then they loan out this ethereal money with
interest (usury) and make money on your loan. A piece of shit named Woodrow Wilson
(the 28th President) sold us down the river on December 23, 1913; the date of the
Federal Reserve Act.

Big Pharma = A massive drug cartel that aims to create lifelong customers as opposed
to cures. Pharmacy is derived from the Greek word pharmakeia, “a medicine” which is
derived from pharmakon, meaning “drug, posion or spell.”

GMO = Genetically Modified Organisms. The sephardic jew Spanish Monsanto family is
the most recognizable and biggest player. A GMO is an organism whose genome has been
altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more
genes not normally found there. GMO foods scrambles human DNA and is extremely
dysgenic. The Monsanto headquarters cafeteria serves only non GMO and organic food
to its staff. In addition to being seed rapists, the Monsanto family were heavily
involved in the slave trade.

Opiod Crisis = A manufactured disaster aimed at killing off the White population.
The Sackler family are jews making billions off of pain drugs (most notably
OxyContin) and killing millions of people. Their criminal cartel is worth $14
billion. Before the Sacklers, The Sassoon family known as “The Rothchilds of the
East” were Baghdadi jews who ran the opium trade.

Video Games = a simulated reality that dumbs us down, numbs us to the ills of society
and ultimately is a mega time waster. Gaming wastes the potential of bright minds
whilst they fall into a rabibit hole diversion and hypnotic state. (Shaun’s notes: Pfft, whatever! Tabs must have been on drugs when she wrote this one! LOL)

The Media = A jew run magic trick peppered with propaganda. Includes movies,
newspapers, Internet medias, talmudvision programming and pop culture music.

Democracy = An ideaology that gives the illusory feeling of choice and equality. A
code word for Corporate Communistic Oligarchy.

National Socialism = Ruthless application of the truth (as said by George Lincoln

Rich Old White Guy = Code words for “jew.”

GOP = Gay Old Pedophiles

Misegenation = Race mixing, Ethnic genocide. An irreversible altering of the human
barcode, blood and ancestry. A cutting off of one’s roots.

Transphobia = Transgrossic

Homosexuality = a personailty disorder not a “lifestyle.” Sexual attraction to the
same sex is a symptom of the illness. Someone has homosexuality like someone has
diabetes. Someone isn’t a homosexual.

ADL= Anti Defamation League, formed todefend child abuser and rapist jew Leo Frank.
They make money off of hate.

Aspberger’s = a bunch of personality disorders in spectrum format. Autism is the
result of massive toxicity, it is myelin sheath damage.

Mudskin Sand Filth = Arab

Plantorexia = Veganism (Tosca Donna)

Whole Foods = Hole Foolz

Scumgrenade = Renegade

Rengrenade Kikecasting = See above

Tinea = Sinead McCarthy

Frodo = Kyle Hunt

Vegtardarian = a vegan retard (Lip Mcnip came up with this one)

Cockefellas = Rockefellas

Zogbonics = A nigger language (AKA ebonics) created for the weaponisation of niggers

Zogafied = To be brain dirtied by Zog in some way shape or form

kikopath = Psychopath (or sinead mccarthy)

911 = Murder by ZOG

Slavery = ZOG immigration

Common Core = Toddlers and Tiaras

Politics = Public prison system

Yahweh = Satan. God to his chosen people; the jews.

Lucifer = also known as Lucibell. Bringer of light. Jesus is a representation of
this light; or an avatar of Lucifer. Jesus is also though to be the avatar of Baldr;
Odin’s son and Frigg. Gaia Sophia is Lucifer or Lucibell.

Professional Offendee (This one was coined by JimmyX in 2009.)  A person that is offended so much, that they are professional at being offended.

Chabad Kebab – when jews use muslims to sandwich Whites into an agenda.  (Entry-Jacko 2019)

Oysters Kilsiniggy and Oysters Kikekyle = Oysters Kilpatrick.  Shaun’s Son is named Patrick so he didn’t like the name of the dish, so Tabitha and Shaun came up with some better names.  (2020-01-02)

Kikaganda = Kike propaganda to suit their disgusting (((agenda))) …

DVS = Dry Vagina Syndrome – See Tabitha’s show here that explains DVS  (Entry-Tabitha and Shaun Surplus)

Veganophobic = A person that eats meat and understands how toxic vegan retardism is…

Loxism – Jewish hatred of European peoples and cultures. (Alex Linder, date unknown) (Entry-Jacko)

Ziked – the ZOG version of psyched-out, mind-controlled, brain-dirtied. (qv. Zogafied) (Entry-Jacko)

Jewdiciary – controlled legislature and courts likely leading to Noahide law.  (Entry-Jacko)

Communitarianism – the refined updated Bolshevism incorporating modern technology, Fabian Socialism, and supra-national legislatures like the EU and UN (refer to Lark in Texas for more information) (Entry-Jacko)

NWO – alternate: (Noahide World Order) a long-term clandestine strategy (what braindirtied people call a conspiracy theory) to make everyone second class citizens to jews.  (Entry-Jacko)

Jewniversity – an institution of higher brain-dirtying.  (Entry-Jacko)

Zograculture = agriculture (Entry-Tabitha)

Marshmallow Handshake = A pussy male that can’t give a solid or firm handshake – His hand is so loose you’d equate it to a hookers vagina in the bronx (Entry-Tabitha – Notation, Shaun)

WWTB – White Walking Time Bomb – 1. affects a small minority of Caucasian men 2. is a condition brought on by a lifetime of ZOG oppression which leads to a violent emotional response and the two outcomes are imprisonment or death.  (Entry-Maine Rebel Wolf)