Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-10-01 (RBN)

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Robert talks about:

  • Clip:  Food sitting in shipping containers doing nothing
  • Rob has a few connection problems but then comes back soon after
  • Clip:  Puerto Rico’s home grown food problem
  • Trump and the Mayor are at each others throats and garbage ensues
  • Clip:  Antifa are a violent lot of people and people need to know this
  • The far left talk about different dates where something is going to take place
  • Clip:  Trucks that are getting around with refrigeration units without markings – they are for bodies
  • Clip:  South Korea brace for EMP attack
  • Rob speaks about Rex 84.  (Shauns notes:  I spoke about Rex 84 on numerous occasions on past networks)
  • Clip:  North Koreans becoming slaves for Chinese goods
  • The last couple of days the memes have changed – Russia and the States
  • If a war does kickoff and the media decides to cover it – The media are keeping the hush hush
  • The overwhelming feeling when doing a broadcast – Am I even being effective here?
  • A lot of the alt-right like what Putin is doing – A way to split the nationalists between Russia and the States
  • Clip:  To break America up you have to push those racial fault lines  (Shauns notes: Seriously, Jones needs to take that sand paper out of his throat and stop acting…  He sounds like somebody out of Gays Of Our Lives…)
  • Clip:  Jones calls for martial law – Rob agrees with some of what Jones has to say but then we have to look at the optics
  • Rob is all for moving on the communists – We become traitorous seditionists – Once you are a communist our constitutional rights are gone!  When are people going to realise this?
  • Clip:  The Antifa civil war – Jones passion over weighs his potatoe head as usual
  • NFL kneeling exposes the purple revolutionists – NFL disaster was a very deliberate design out of a social engineering program
  • The dirt bags and the black pope have helped destroy European Ancestry
  • Clip:  Daily Sheeple – State of consciousness and different plains
  • The football culture serves as a channel to encourage violent behaviour (Shaun’s notes:  So put it in the hands of blacks and see what happens…  We whites know when to USE violence.  The Kentucky Fried Chicken culture does not…)
  • Clip:  “I’m a big fan of the Kurds and yes they are Muslims”  – (Shauns notes:  Fuck him.  If he loves the Muslims so much, he should fuck off and live with the Kurds…)

And much more…


24th of Feb, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On today’s edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Muzo whore has Australian woman arrested
  • Daily Stormer and possibly later Daily Slave may be blocked from Australia viewing
  • Proxy Servers will save Australians
  • The authorities will never stop us from getting the truth
  • A leader leads a horse to water but cannot make him drink.  A ruler leads a horse to water and drowns him in it.
  • People don’t look past their lamestream (mainstream) media, so they don’t know any different
  • Menzies and Holt, Julia and Howard suck big hairy testicles
  • Where is the economy and how do we pay off core debt?
  • A special sheep story (Damn those sheep have nice thighs)
  • National Geographic lie by omission
  • Ches does a great Indian accent

And much more as usual…


7th of Jan, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

Oh parents, parents, parents…  Can’t we just allow our kids to be kids first?  Is that too much to ask?  Can’t children fall out of trees and learn to pick themselves up?  Can’t those same children run through the hall ways at the risk of breaking our porcelain dolls, simply because that’s what kids do, without having to be called little shits and being punished like adults?  No?  Well then fuck!  I’m glad I ain’t your kid!!!

Shaun ridicules the hell out of bubble wrap parents.  Too many times these days do we see parents that just treat their children as if they have to be grown up NOW!  Far be it from little Johnny to act like a 13 year old…  Or little Tasha to act like a 9 year old.  That would be too much to fucking ask in today’s fucked up adult world.  “Our world is full of adult politics little Tasha, so grow the fuck up”, right?  WRONG!  Perhaps as an adult, YOU need to grow the fuck up.  Uncle Buck puts these parents in their place.

Rumors about Shaun as usual.  No substance nor basis behind these rumors.  Just rumors.  Shaun discusses this topic in this edition.

Even blacks themselves are pissed with what is happening in Ferguson.  Whilst blacks on the most part share the intelligence of a gutter monkey, some of them still understand what is taking place in Missouri and that it is wrong.

Smelly Indians take a shit in their trucks instead of pulling over for a toilet, whilst mechanics in Alice Springs refuse to repair Abbo cars, due to the disgusting things found in their vehicles.

Shaun speaks on how Lee refuses Holohoax jews to be able to comment on the Slave and much more!

*NOTE*  There was some static and sound issues in general, in this edition of the show…  We do apologise and are working on this problem as we speak.




24th of Nov, 2014 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

In this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Some of the guests coming to the show very soon – Brizer, Paul Topete, Ches, Jimmy
  • Feeling defeated throughout this discourse – People contact Shaun saying there is no hope
  • Shaun to be live on the AM stations – Shaun will have to start cutting back on his good, errr, bad language
  • A good analogy to explain foreigners by JimmyX – Shaun speaks with Jimmy before the show
  • The double standard in the home – There is a double standard everywhere and this is just one

Articles from the Daily Slave and more…


Austrian Man Fined for Yodelling While Mowing His Lawn

Does this at all surprise you in a world fraught with multi-racialism?  This is exactly what happens when the higher echelons realise that they need to break down White Western Civilisation, before their plans can proceed toward their end agenda.  As long as you’re white, your race, religion, heritage, creed and color take a back seat to third world mud people.

From the Telegraph:

Helmut Griese, 63, was found guilty of “ridiculing” their religious beliefs and fined nearly £700 by a court in Graz. Rather than face a protracted court case, with all its attendant legal costs, Mr Griese agreed to pay.

The court heard how the Muslim family regarded Mr Griese as a “grumpy old man” whose open-air Alpine chanting was intended as a taunt aimed at their religion. The retiree was accused trying to “mock and imitate” the call of the Muezzin, who calls the faithful for prayer in mosques. They alleged that he always began his yodelling just as they knelt down to pray.

Mr Griese, however, told the Austrian newspaper Kornen that “it was not my intention to imitate or insult them. I simply started to yodel a few tunes because I was in such a good mood.”

The court heard how things came to a head late in the summer when Griese was both mowing his lawn and yodelling as the Muslim family were praying. Police were called, and he was served with a summons.

Mr Griese was charged the “disparagement of religious symbols” – an offence usually used to prosecute for neo-Nazis who desecrate Jewish graves – and hindering religious practice.

Arabs have no place in Western Civilisation, nor does Islam.  This is obvious, by the very article above, let alone so many other articles and instances that have taken place in the past.  They simply do not fit in and need to realise this if they don’t want to be put in uncomfortable positions.  They need to go back home to Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever it is they came from.

Below:  This is for all you praying muslims out there…

Bombs Made Next Driveway – 2011

This is an old article, but I just had to put in my two cents.

Whilst I have an obvious distaste for judaism, (note no capital letter) I also believe that islam (note no capital letter) is not far behind.  Islam and it’s muslims may not have the control that judaism and it’s jews do, but if they could, sharia law would be a forced part of your lives and don’t you be fooled into believing otherwise.

This angry neighbour is obviously taking steps to show his distaste for this spreading disease called islam.

From the Daily Mail:

Some neighbours are just never going to get along.

And there won’t be much discussion of the weather over the garden fence down down in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst.

There, Muslim leaders are enraged that the homeowner next door to their mosque has posted a provocative sign on his front lawn.

Michael Heick has advised passers-by: ‘Bomb Making Next Driveway’.

Next door is the entrance to the Jaffarya Centre.

Religions/Cults such as islam are just simply not a part of Western Civilisation and should not be forcing itself upon White Western Culture and it’s people.  Period.