Muslim Pig Attacks Peaceful Protester

Yes, multi-racialism is working wonders.  We see it every day like we do in this video.  You see, people can scream high and bloody murder about those that point out the fact that multi-racialism is not working, but the fact that we see conflicts like this all the time, should be enough.  Or at least you’d think so.  I guess logic, commonsense and intelligence takes that proverbial back seat these days.

Below:  Many would say the muslim in this video is an extremist, however I beg to differ.  This is a typical muslim.  Most muslims just hide this side of themselves.

With multi-racialism comes the introduction of third world religions, where 9 year old’s being raped by a prophet is seen to be OK.  The world we live in is a strange place, less because of third world muds and more because of those that believe multi-racialism is a functioning mechanic.

SourceThe Political Insider

In this older video, watch as a radical Muslim extremists attacks a street preacher. Not only is he controversial and violent, but thanks to political correctness… the police are hesitant do to anything about it!

As far as we can tell, the Christians were acting in a peaceful manner, while the Muslim was extraordinarily aggressive. Skip to the 4:40 to see the situation escalate into a physical confrontation.