TCTA Christmas Show w/ Shaun Surplus & Shield Maiden 2017

Shield Maiden and Shaun bring to you a music Christmas show that I think anybody of White Western Civilisation can appreciate.

Join us with your favourite beverage and enjoy some METAL Christmas music and then later some ESTROGEN Christmas music, as we rock the airwaves over 107.9 FM and WTFR!


Answering Requests About Drumming

Yes, that’s right Ladies and Gents.  As some of you know I like to get to doing some drumming.  I have good times and bad times as any drummer does.  I believe that Acoustic Drums are so much better to play on almost every level, but my circumstances call for electronic drums, so I can’t do what I would normally do, but this should still give you an idea of what fun I like to have.

I am not a professional.  I have had nobody teach me how to play the drums or music as a whole for that matter (I play the piano and have played other instruments in the past such as the bass guitar and the mouth harp) but I love to play for the sheer fun of it.  I have also composed many pieces.

What you are about to see now is where I played to a piece of Pagan music back when I was still working for Renegade.  Or what I now call “Femigade”.  The music was rather new to me, so take my playing for what it was worth.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy some music.

(PS.  I had a pussy bitch beard back then, but now it is much more MANLY!  MANLY I tell ya!)

Surprise Music / Anti-Feminist Show 2017-08-01

**  DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER – This music is not owned by WTFR or any of it’s hosts.  If you like any of the music you hear here, then go out and support your favourite artist and buy their music.  Buy their art!  **

On this music / anti-feminist show Shaun plays and comments on:

Project X – Team 17

Fireflies – Owl City

Play Dead – Bjork & David Arnold

A clip from YouTube on a feminist bitch (Bianca) that gets hammered in the head

Higher Love – Stevie Winwood

The Lion, The Beast, The Beat – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Merle Haggard – I’m a White Boy

Balls To the Wall – Accept

A clip about the feminist network, known as Degenerade (Renegade) Broadcasting – The Theft of the White Man March

Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

Run to Paradise – The Choir Boys

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Meets Metal

Nemo – Nightwish

Jasper – Get in contact and let us know you are OK, Sir.

Fear Of The Dark – Within Temptation

Blue Stars – Somebody that was composing music on the Amiga computer with a small 4 channels

The beautiful hot Summer nights and the trees in the wind caressing our very being

I’d Rather Die Than Be Your Slave – Pokerface

Dante’s Prayer – Loreena McKennit


If you missed the 12 hour music show on 12th of June, that WTFR and friends did, you can click here and download it.


Flyting Vs Rap Crap

Well, as some of you know Ladies and Gents, we had a music show just the other night where John, Gadsden and myself got into a heated debate about the subject of rap being created by whites or blacks and at what time frame throughout history rap may have come about.  Well just today, Gadsden sent me an article and left me a quick note saying “I told you so”.

Over the last few days I have been looking into the whole subject and it’s lead me from one thing to another after another and it’s been interesting that’s for sure.  So what was the result?

I wasn’t going to release this just yet, as I was going to take Gadsden to task on his show about the things I had been finding, but I thought that might be a little too cruel, given that he seems like he has been very shallow on the subject thus-far, if his Telegraph article is any indicator.

Click play below and you can listen for yourself.


Below is the PDF file I mentioned on the audio clip…

The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy

Anybody that can say that there is ANYTHING poetical about rap, needs their head read.  This is where these cretins are trying to link the two together, because they certainly cannot link the “sound” of Flyting with the “sound” of rap.  Unless of course you are talking about the sound of Flyting that the jews would like you to think, as demonstrated on youtube by a bunch of backward hat wearing youth.  Little creations of the Fabian Fifth Columnists.

I tilt my hat to the people that converted the Dunbar and Kennedy Flyting joust, because ancient Scottish Gaelic (by the sounds of the language, but I could be wrong) couldn’t have been easy to convert to early English if you will.  It’s not an easy read let alone, easy to convert, I am sure.  At one stage I was coming across English variants of Scottish Gaelic, but not just any Scottish Gaelic, ancient Scottish Gaelic which is quite different to the Gaelic spoken today from what I can tell, after having compared texts from the two languages.  The same goes for the Irish.  As I was researching all this, it seems that ancient Irish Gaelic is somewhat different to the Gaelic tongue of today.  Both Gaelic languages from Scotland and Ireland, seemed to use more throat work in the ancient languages.

In any case, there would have to be some DAMN solid and convincing evidence to show me a contrary view to what I have been seeing so far, when it comes to rap coming out of Flyting, because right now, I see that as a spit in the eye to White Supremacy.  We’re so much better than buying into this crap coming out of the typical “Professors” and talking heads.

Cheers for now.