Lee Rogers of the Daily Slave Visits Anne Prank Huis

As you can see on the main page here at the Freedompalooza Podcast Network, Lee Rogers, JimmyX and myself spoke on TCTA about Lee’s visit to the Anne Prank house in Amsterdam.  Whilst radio definitely gives direction to what Lee had to say about his oh so emotional visit, nothing accents the show better than a few pictures and a detailed article of the event.

From the Daily Slave:

With that said, I must admit that my visit to the Anne Frank House was actually a very emotional one.  Not because I felt sorry for a Jewish girl who lived inside an attic, but because I could barely contain my laughter at how ridiculous it all is.  Once you understand that the diary itself is a fraud, it makes the entire museum a comical absurdity.


6th of Oct, 2014 4hr Edition of TCTA /w Shaun Surplus, Lee Rogers and JimmyX

It’s a rare opportunity to have a couple of ex-hosts from Oracle Broadcasting come together and do some radio, let alone THREE ex-hosts from Oracle Broadcasting all at once to do some good hard core radio.  Yes, that’s right!  Three for the price of one.  Lee Rogers, Jimmy X and Shaun Surplus all get together to discuss a PLETHORA of things, including:

  • Shaun being banned from Farcebook
  • Lee Roger’s visit to the Anne Prank Memorial in Amsterdam
  • The Holohoax and the junk stories that come with it
  • Carbon Dating in Treblinka
  • David Cole’s forced self exile
  • One Third of the Holocaust documentary
  • Propaganda to create the terrorist state of Israel
  • History of Britain’s part in creating the jewish home land
  • jews and their defective minds
  • People waking up on mass to the jewish corruption
  • Hosts that refuse to touch on jew issues
  • Alex Jewns selling erection stimuli
  • Lee visits Germany and questions stadiums history
  • Jimmy says it’s time to say “NO!”
  • Hank Johnson’s island fears
  • Shaun and Jimmy discuss certain racial aspects of Western Civilisation