Feminist (left) Liberals Responsible For Rape of Children

Boy oh boy.  I could have written up a rant of the likes you’d never seen on this one, because of the fact that Tobias Langdon is so correct in what he says, in his article found below.  But instead, I’m just going to nod profusely and agree with everything he is saying, because he is absolutely correct, on so many levels, western civilisation wide.

From The Occidental Observer:

I think it would have gone something like that. But alas for liberals, it wasn’t evil right-ringers who were complicit in the horrors of Rotherham: it was golden-hearted liberals. Which political party gave rape-gangs the go-ahead year after year? Not the Conservatives or the British National Party, but feminist Labour, champions of the poor and vulnerable. Which newspaper dictated the multi-culti, rape-friendly politics of left-wing councillors and social workers in Rotherham? Not the Daily Mail or the Times, but the feminist Guardian, that staunch opponent of sex-crimes and patriarchal oppression.