2020-01-02 Edition of NWPCU w/ Mike Sledge

On this show Mike and Shaun speak about:

  • The jew world order is falling apart as kissinger says
  • The jew Tesla car keeps corrupting Mike – It’s an evil bastard!
  • SPLC and ADL – Following Mike and Shaun down the street
  • (((1984))) cars that you need to breathe on so that it doesn’t stop
  • People need to be able to laugh throughout this discourse
  • People need to be careful in Australia because of the smoke alone
  • HAARP and the weather along with the x-ray of the earth
  • Money money money is what most networks are after
  • EXTENDOVITE!  Holy fuck!  That song is stuck in our head!
  • STICKERS!  Vaginal scratch and sniff stickers.  Wait, did I type that out loud?
  • Be brutal so that you can get people to wake up!
  • Trump and what he promised not coming to fruition – But he opened some gates
  • William John Beattie and everything that comes with how we are winning
  • Cinema has changed – There are fuck all people watching at the Cinema now
  • The antifa take their heads out of tineas hole, and there is a POP sound
  • Mike and Shaun could do some stand-up comedy together no problem at all
  • Are you a self loather?  Have you killed an abbo or a nigger?  No? Then what?!
  • Even the blacks agree with us sometimes and often it’s the Whites that don’t agree with us…

And much more!



2019-12-31 into 2020 Music Show w/ Various Hosts

On this music show, Tabitha, Mike Sledge, Josh, John Percent & Shaun, play some music whilst enjoying the pass in to 2020.  The five of them talk around the table about some good topics and even enjoy a little debate.

Another year gone and a new one begins.

Happy New Year everybody and enjoy the show!



2019-12-28 Sledge Saturday Night Special Podcast

Mike “The Hammer” Sledge starts off his self made podcast, known as Sledge Saturday Night Special!  An awesome mix of different subjects covered throughout the week and his own take on different events.

Mikes neighbour joins him on the podcast and they tell some nigger jokes.

Enjoy the broadcast!



2019-12-26 Edition of NWPCU w/ Mike Sledge & Josh

On this edition of News White People Can Use, Mike and Josh talk about:

  • The content we do here at WTFR gets banned but Alex Jones does not (Shaun’s notes:  When the Captain bought a “Smart TV” it will not bring up tctaunleashed.com – It brings up Alex Jones though.  Says something doesn’t it?)
  • The echo chamber
  • The illusion of money and how you can explain it
  • The annual fee that is paid – Which means you don’t really own it
  • Shopping online is becoming the preferred thing – We can all become fat, fat , fucking fatties…
  • Our White Western countries have become corporate entities
  • Through jew corporatism these corporations can own you (Wake Up)
  • The Bill of Rights outweighs the Constitution – It cannot be told NO!

And much more…



Mike Sledge Contributes To Christmas

That’s right Ladies and Gents.  The one and only Mike Sledge, that hosts News White People Can Use, decided to contribute to Christmas here at WTFR and gee, did he do a good Job!  He was actually able to dig up a never before heard Christmas speech by Terence McKenna!  Yeah you heard that right!

Kick back with your Eggnog, laced with Mushroom juice (wink wink, nudge nudge) and enjoy this never before heard Terence speech.

Thanks for finding this Mike!



2019-12-12 Edition of News White People Can Use w/ Mike Sledge & Tabs

On this edition of News White People Can Use, Mike and Tabitha speak about:

  • jew on jew violence – The jew media loves to talk about Whites but not jews normally
  • The Black Idiocracy and all the black crap that comes with it – beesh
  • Tinea (sinead) of rengrenade tribune uses the avatar of the hebrew demon lilith
  • Take back entertainment – Southern Rock was stolen from the people
  • A girl who had a confederate flag dress was banned from prom
  • kikeism, overpriced movies in the cinema – Popcorn requires an amputated leg
  • Don’t wax nostalgia in a fetish like fashion – Use it and lose it
  • You’re living in Mexico and you better get use to it
  • These two start to fetish over Icecream and Gelato and Sweet Sherry
  • Shaun is not a Brit you twits!  He’s an Aussie!  Bloody Americans!  LOL