The Finale For the Traitors as Commander Rockwell Would Put It

Yes that’s right Ladies and Gents.

There has been a LOT of questions and statements made about what has been happening here at WTFR!

Well here comes the FINALE!  After this it’s all done.

Before you listen to this however, remember, I (Shaun) gave Tabishit the option to stay or go.  She chose to go.  And then Mike followed the pheromones.  (In the accent of Homer Simpson…  “Mmmmmm, pheromones!”  )




Having Time To Ponder 2020-01-23

Hey Ladies and Gents.

I’m not going to rehash over everything that has happened, but after the initial war takes place, you have time to ponder what was in your face.  Kind of like the aftermath of shell shock.  You look back and say to yourself, “what the fuck just happened?”

Well, after receiving a call on the call-in line today, (yes you can call after hours and I will pick up if I am in studio) I was asked a question and I would rather speak about this call here and now, instead of on the show, because I am not going to soil the show with all this crap.

So have a listen and make of it what you will.



2020-01-17 Edition of TCTA w/ Setfree, Mike Sledge & Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, the lads speak about a great many things off the cuff.  We don’t need to mention specifics on this particular episode because it was spontaneous on the most part.

Listen, learn and be entertained!

Setfreehoosier:  “Free range Goy. Yep. LOL Open air prison camps. Show em some buttocks for IDs.”

Stay cool!


2020-01-16 Edition of NWPCU w/ Shaun & Josh

Shaun and Josh fill in for Mike on News White People Can Use:

  • Furniture breaking fatties with kankles
  • Saying what we really feel rather than lying
  • Gay ebonics and gayness in general (flamers)
  • Gays that you didn’t know were gay – But does it make it right?
  • Bullies and how bullyism is needed but only to a degree’
  • Audio:  Rich Animals
  • Audio: Daphne goes over 7 Questions for Vegans – This isn’t a debate, it’s you’re life!

And much more!


Daphne Link

2020-01-11 Edition of Saturday Night Sledge

**DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER**  Shaun has posted this show late.  It was meant to go up on Saturday of course but Mike and Tabs were slack arses and didn’t get a description off to him until yesteryear.  Ho hummm.  Slack bastards!  **DISCLAIMER OVER AND OUT**

On this edition of SNS, Mike and Tabitha discussed that Hooter’s is now offering boneless (((plant based))) wings, and how Hooter’s use their male centric image to promote emasculating ideologies – Hooter’s is using black women in their ads to push race mixing and this also takes jobs away from White women, and how diet has become a bagelian dialectic (vegan vs. carnivore)