6th of Oct, 2014 4hr Edition of TCTA /w Shaun Surplus, Lee Rogers and JimmyX

It’s a rare opportunity to have a couple of ex-hosts from Oracle Broadcasting come together and do some radio, let alone THREE ex-hosts from Oracle Broadcasting all at once to do some good hard core radio.  Yes, that’s right!  Three for the price of one.  Lee Rogers, Jimmy X and Shaun Surplus all get together to discuss a PLETHORA of things, including:

  • Shaun being banned from Farcebook
  • Lee Roger’s visit to the Anne Prank Memorial in Amsterdam
  • The Holohoax and the junk stories that come with it
  • Carbon Dating in Treblinka
  • David Cole’s forced self exile
  • One Third of the Holocaust documentary
  • Propaganda to create the terrorist state of Israel
  • History of Britain’s part in creating the jewish home land
  • jews and their defective minds
  • People waking up on mass to the jewish corruption
  • Hosts that refuse to touch on jew issues
  • Alex Jewns selling erection stimuli
  • Lee visits Germany and questions stadiums history
  • Jimmy says it’s time to say “NO!”
  • Hank Johnson’s island fears
  • Shaun and Jimmy discuss certain racial aspects of Western Civilisation