Passion of the Christ Actor Shunned by Jew Hollywood

If this isn’t proof enough of who runs Hollywood, then I don’t know what is.

From the Daily Mail:

Although a box office hit taking more than $400million worldwide it was condemned as being anti-Semitic.

It’s almost funny isn’t it?  It’s OK for the jews to freely admit they run Hollywood, just as Manny Friedman did, but as soon as anybody else does it, they are shouted down and ridiculed by the jews themselves.  AGAIN proving jew guilt.  So just imagine, what happens to those that star in films, that jew low lives disapprove of.

TCTA – September 11, 2014 Edition w/ Shaun from Australia

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed Shaun discusses:

  • The media’s blackout with black on white crime
  • Savages will never address what whitey has done for them and never will
  • A comment made in Yahoo about blacks never getting it
  • A young 14 year old girl killed and then her mother taunted by killer
  • jewess lesbian perverts, convert boy into girl, through child abuse
  • More and more people waking up to the savages in Facebook and Youtube
  • Manny Friedman makes comment about the jew run media
  • Brief talk on RFID now being pushed further in Australia
  • Uncle Tom is in da house

And more…


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