2020-04-10 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this 4 hour edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks with Mallificus Sentius, in a pre-rec discussion about Covid and the silly, stupid, RIDICULOUS antics and actions of the lemmings and then moves on to speak about:

  • Landlord accuses bagel shop owner of ‘typical Jewish behaviour’ when she asks for rent break _ Daily Mail Online
  • Pushing World Corner
  • COVID to have a ‘second round’ impact on Aussies _ Daily Mercury
  • Audio:  Girl gets hammered by cops because she sat on a bench in the UK
  • Why Didn’t Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Children_ – US Politics and News
  • California county orders all residents to wear face coverings in public or face $1,000 fine _ Daily Mail Online
  • Mates fined $8k for backyard cricket _ Daily Mercury
  • RAI_O_SUNSHINE buys into the covid-19 fear porn
  • 600 people have died in Iran after drinking neat alcohol to ‘cure’ coronavirus _ Daily Mail Online
  • Masks Compulsory
  • Harris County moves forward with plan to release certain inmates from jail
  • ‘I’ll send you to the grave!’ Duterte orders police & military to SHOOT Covid-19 quarantine violators who ‘cause trouble’ — RT World News
  • Coronavirus travel restrictions announced across WA regions to restrict COVID-19 spread – ABC News
  • Facebook and Nextdoor are flooded with posts from people wanting to barter _ Daily Mail Online
  • Alabama and Massachusetts are giving the addresses of people diagnosed with coronavirus to POLICE _ Daily Mail Online
  • High consequence infectious diseases (HCID) – GOV.UK

And much more as usual…



Fake News Now w/ Paul English, Mallificus Sentius & Adrian

  • Paul introduces Mallificus & Adrian from the UK
  • Adrian speaks about his background
  • Mallificus met Adrian through a mutual friend
  • The powers that be have discriminated against the word ‘discrimination’ – The attack on language
  • “People should be treated equally” meant something else 100 or more years ago
  • Equality is an impossible condition – This is all an abstract language
  • If you want to make a room quiet, start talking about race – People are afraid
  • Not all nations will not accept their extinction so there will always be conflict
  • Ghandi was a racist of the highest order and words have been hijacked
  • To be multiracialist is to kill diversity  (Shaun’s notes:  Leftist diversity kills diversity)
  • The Kalergi Plan – Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi and his plan to wipe out Europe
  • All nations are being broken down by injecting other nations into these territories
  • Tax payer dollars going to useless wars that create refugees that the media says we feel sorry for
  • There is a resistance but because people are afraid to speak out, it is hard to see
  • The leftist fools are far more dictator like than those they are attacking
  • We’re all racist as long as we are white – When a white expresses self racial preservation, he/she is racist
  • We are all biased toward those things that we cherish and hold dear – It’s natural
  • “If a dog is born in a stable, is it a horse?” —  Paul English 2019  (Shaun’s notes:  Even the same animal works this way.  If a Pekingese is born in a Blue Heeler’s pen, is the Pekingese then a Blue Heeler?  Also take note, that when the Pekingese was created through two different dogs, it can’t even breathe properly.)
  • Mallificus speaks about how Shaun speaks in legendary ways – (Shaun’s notes:  He’s absolutely right.  Ha! Thanks for the shout out Brother!)
  • Paul plays a clip about the new holohoax museum that will be built beside parliament  (Shaun’s notes:  Listen to the pathetic music in the background whilst they try and convince you that they are so loving and caring…  By the way, Mallificus was discussing this very point as I was typing it.  Brilliant minds think alike…  Denying a holocaust that never happened is a ridiculous idea in itself, but even then, it has nothing to do with hate, but everything to do with fact…)
  • London is no longer a nice place to be – Paul speaks of how bad things have become
  • Be very careful because the ‘forget police’ are coming for you – (((Never Forget, oy vey!)))
  • Mark calls in to speak with the gentlemen about some important points made during the show
  • The quality of empathy has been used against us, often by our very selves
  • The one animal that cannot be imitated without ridicule is a monkey – You can imitate a crocodile and such but not a monkey because it could depict a black person  (Shaun’s notes:  Well then they must look like monkeys – It kind of makes it stick out like dogs balls doesn’t it?  Maybe if we gave those negros rioting in Ferguson some bananas they wouldn’t have destroyed so much shit.  Hey, did you know that there was not one pair of work boots stolen during those riots?  Hmmmm…)

And much more…