Under a Blood Red Moon

Although Alex Jewns and his jew lackies might have you believe that there is going to be a second coming of the year 2000 bug, you can rest calmly knowing that all it is, is a lunar eclipse.  Tonight, around 8:15 PM AEDT the earths shadow will cloud over the moon for a few hours, which will in tow give the moon an eery blood red glow.  For all of you sky watchers out there, this is not one to miss, as it’s rare that you get such second chances.  There was actually a lunar eclipse earlier this year and whilst there will be another two after this one, they will only last a few minutes, says the ABC.

From the ABC:

A blood moon occurs in the event of a total lunar eclipse, when the Sun, Moon and Earth form a line and the Earth blocks all sunlight to the Moon.

The Moon turns a deep red as some light from the sun is bent around Earth’s atmosphere and reflected onto the Moon.

The light reflected is a reddish colour from all the sunsets and sunrises of the Earth shining onto the Moon.

Americans alike can view the eclipse on their Wednesday morning, so set your alarm my American brothers and sisters, for a spectacular sky show.  Through all of the doom and gloom that we have had to face throughout 2014, it’s good to know that nature is willing to put on a show, to take us away from it all, even if only for a few hours.

From Fox News:

Wednesday morning, if the skies are clear, North Americans will have prime viewing of a full lunar eclipse, especially in the West. The full moon will be obscured by Earth’s shadow in the predawn hours. The total eclipse will last an hour — until sunrise on the East Coast.

Be there, or BE SQUARE!