TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-12-14

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks with Karin Smith in the first hour and Schaulk in the 2nd hour about the atrocities taking place in South Africa.  He then moves on to speak about stupid fucking parents handing their children over to black and brown men.

And more as usual…



Karin Smith Will Join Shaun On Thursday 28th

Hey Ladies and Gents.

Recently there has been a message getting around on Facebook about the succeeding of South Africa and Karin Smith’s name was mentioned.  As it is, that I have worked with Karin briefly in the past, when I was the audio engineer for Renegade, I was able to invite her onto the broadcast to discuss this with her.  Karin extended a brief message to me, before we go to air.

I need you to understand that I am no part of this or the planning and execution of it. I was approached to cover the story. But I am willing to come on air and discuss it.

I explained to Karin that I have always been trusting of her judgment and that if she was happy to come on the show and discuss where she stands in all this, she is more than welcome and she accepted.

Join us on Thursday 28th of this month (Sep) at 10 PM EST, 9 PM CST, and 12 PM AEST to discuss with Karin what has been taking place in South Africa since apartheid, that has lead to recent events.

Be there or BE SQUARE!