2019-09-18 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk and Karin – Guest Dia Beltran

On Wednesday 18th September, 2019 at 1900 CT our guest is Dia Beltran.  We discuss the loss of moral standards that is causing world wide dissolution, the impact of the “other colour” invasion of White countries, the loss of patriotism, nationalism and the impact of the attacks on Christianity.  We also discuss feminism and the results of leftist craziness.


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2019-09-11 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk and Cesara

On Wednesday 11th September at 1900 CT, Schalk, Karin and guest Cesara discuss the recent mayhem in South Africa, causes thereof and African repercussions.  We also discuss ways to deal with cries of RACIST, NAZI etc.


2019-08-28 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk and Karin

On Wednesday 28th August, 2019 at 1900 CT we have a free ranging discussion on the erosion of our free speech rights, world wide.  Guest Frank Jorge joins us in the second hour to add his perspective on the state of affairs.


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2019-08-21 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk & Company

On Wednesday 21st August, 2019 Schalk, Karin, Shar and Cesara speak plainly about recent attempts to silence us and the disgusting attacks on our friend and colleague Schalk van der Merwe.

Also, watch this video by one of the participants making FUN of these morons!



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2019-08-14 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk and Company

On Wednesday 14th August, at 1900 CT (0400 SA time) we have a wide ranging chat with the maverick of British and EU Politics.  The discussion covers world events, Brexit, Boris Johnson and the fate of White South Africans. Born in Barnet, Griffin was educated at Woodbridge School in Suffolk. He joined the National Frontat the age of 14 and, following his graduation from the University of Cambridge, became a political worker for the party. In 1980 he became a member of its governing body, and later wrote articles for several right-wing magazines. He was the National Front’s candidate for the seat of Croydon North West in 1981 and 1983, but left the party in 1989. In 1995 he joined the BNP and in 1999 became its leader. He became a member of the European Parliament for North West England in the 2009 European elections. http://thesaker.is/boris-johnson-brexit-and-the-deep-state/ If you feel inclined to donate to help white South Africans, http://www.radiofreesouthafrica.com/


2019-07-31 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk and Co

On Wednesday 31st July at 1900 CT (0400 SA time) we have a great discussion with Joost Strydom about Orania and how it relates to self determination.

Joost Strydom is the Communications officer of the Orania Movement.

The Orania Movement is the “Orania idea” movement.

Joost has a degree in Communications and Anthropology from the North West university, where he also played an active role in student politics and served on a Student Representative council.

Joost serves on various Orania committees, involving political liaison, safety and security and new residents integration.


What We Can Learn From Orania

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2019-07-17 Edition of Radio Free SA w/ Schalk & Friends

On Wednesday 17th July at 1900 CT we chat with Leigh Oxley du Preez of South African Family Relief Project about the increasingly dire situation faced by people in South Africa who are denied access to the workplace by the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment rules