Having Time To Ponder 2020-01-23

Hey Ladies and Gents.

I’m not going to rehash over everything that has happened, but after the initial war takes place, you have time to ponder what was in your face.  Kind of like the aftermath of shell shock.  You look back and say to yourself, “what the fuck just happened?”

Well, after receiving a call on the call-in line today, (yes you can call after hours and I will pick up if I am in studio) I was asked a question and I would rather speak about this call here and now, instead of on the show, because I am not going to soil the show with all this crap.

So have a listen and make of it what you will.



2020-01-16 Edition of NWPCU w/ Shaun & Josh

Shaun and Josh fill in for Mike on News White People Can Use:

  • Furniture breaking fatties with kankles
  • Saying what we really feel rather than lying
  • Gay ebonics and gayness in general (flamers)
  • Gays that you didn’t know were gay – But does it make it right?
  • Bullies and how bullyism is needed but only to a degree’
  • Audio:  Rich Animals
  • Audio: Daphne goes over 7 Questions for Vegans – This isn’t a debate, it’s you’re life!

And much more!


Daphne Link

Josh AKA Lone Wolf Speaks About The Dimming Of the Sun

After hearing Mike and Shaun speak about chemtrails and such, Josh sent Shaun a link to one of the videos he had done for Bitchute.  You can hear the audio to that video, right here on WTFR.

AND!  You will soon be able to welcome Josh onto the network (as long as his shitty timezone doesn’t fuck us over LOL) as he will be joining us with his very own weekly show on the network.

Dimming of the Sun:

An article talking about how they intend to spray particulates in the air in order to “combat climate change”. Yet they have already been doing this for years via Chemtrails! This is their way to get the public on board. Who knows what they have cooked up already….



2019-12-31 into 2020 Music Show w/ Various Hosts

On this music show, Tabitha, Mike Sledge, Josh, John Percent & Shaun, play some music whilst enjoying the pass in to 2020.  The five of them talk around the table about some good topics and even enjoy a little debate.

Another year gone and a new one begins.

Happy New Year everybody and enjoy the show!



2019-12-26 Edition of NWPCU w/ Mike Sledge & Josh

On this edition of News White People Can Use, Mike and Josh talk about:

  • The content we do here at WTFR gets banned but Alex Jones does not (Shaun’s notes:  When the Captain bought a “Smart TV” it will not bring up tctaunleashed.com – It brings up Alex Jones though.  Says something doesn’t it?)
  • The echo chamber
  • The illusion of money and how you can explain it
  • The annual fee that is paid – Which means you don’t really own it
  • Shopping online is becoming the preferred thing – We can all become fat, fat , fucking fatties…
  • Our White Western countries have become corporate entities
  • Through jew corporatism these corporations can own you (Wake Up)
  • The Bill of Rights outweighs the Constitution – It cannot be told NO!

And much more…



Tabitha & Josh’s Show Is Banned By jewtube…

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen.  Tabitha & Josh’s Show Is Banned By jewtube literally 3 hours after it was uploaded with a so called “copyright claim”.

Shaun and Tabitha speak about this subject and how they believe that it was tinea and her pet antifa behind it’s flagging.