JimmyX Soon To Join Shaun On TCTA

That’s right Ladies and Gents.  As many of you know, JimmyX and Shaun use to do their broadcasts on Oracle Broadcasting before it closed it’s doors and many of you may also know that the the two Gents like to get together once in a while to discuss what is happening in the world.  Well, very soon they will be doing just that.

With all that is happening in the world there is no shortage to discuss but often enough both Gentlemen are busy on many levels.  So enjoy it while you can.

Bob may or may not be joining them.  He too has been busy of late and it’s hard to say whether his schedule will fit, but we will see.

The time is set for 8PM EST in the States on Friday 30th and 11AM on Saturday 31st for Australia.  We will send a tweet out a day before the show goes live to remind people.

We hope to see you there.


The Final Live Show On WTFR

The final show went well Ladies and Gents, but keep in mind, I (Shaun) was very much straight to the point and letting people have it with both barrels.

The bullcrap that comes with alternative radio has lost us the battle at this point and we have to find other ways to deal with it all.

It doesn’t matter if it’s RBN, Renegade, Radio Wherwolf, Revere Radio or WTFR, we may be waking some people up, but it’s a drop in the ocean and then when you add the infighting and the stupidity that comes with them, the uphill battle becomes a huge joke and nobody takes us seriously.

Back in the day, when Schaenk Talk World Wide and Oracle Broadcasting was around, alternative radio was taken more seriously and this was when we harvested most of the alternative thinkers, but not anymore.  Instead we get a trickle of people that buy into sky-fairies and Pagan fucking gods.  Is it any wonder it’s going nowhere?  And all the while the kikes are laughing all the way to the jew scheckle bank.

I’m done with it so I let rip about how I feel.  There were a few things I left out, such as my disappointment in John Beattie.  I respect him well enough, but there was no reason that he needed to leave the network and there certainly was no reason for him to remove me as friend, immediately after he asked me if we can still be friends.  This is unacceptable.  I took Beattie in after Renegade threw him under the bus, so he could have had a little more respect, called me up and discussed this.  Very disappointed indeed and this is just one of those things that makes this so called “movement” a “bowel movement”.

I’m finished with it.  I am now going to live some life.  Look for other ways to spread the word efficiently outside of this egocentric, narcissistic, fantasy like bullshit.

I will still do the occasional TCTA broadcast and I will also be doing a pre-recorded Candour Hour each week, so you will still get to hear me, but the live shows are done and gone.

My advice to you Ladies and Gents, is stay as FAR away from these networks as possible, because they have become stagnant like dried blood.

Thanks to all of you that stuck by me for all of these years, it’s been an adventure.

Again, listen with caution, because I really let rip.  Especially on you religious retards.


Leo Moracchioli’s music

A Random Music Night Here On WTFR

**  DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER:  Why wasn’t the music show posted immediately after it was done?  Because Shaun fell asleep, THAT’S why!  After 12 hours of radio, you would fall asleep too.  So don’t give me any shit!  **

Shield Maiden, Shaun, JimmyX, John, Jasper, Gadsden, South OZ, all join together tonight to speak about a great many great things to the point where things get very passionate.  A great discussion indeed!

The music was fantastic (except for Gadsdens rap crap LOL) and the conversation was awesome.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy 12 FUCKING HOURS of music and banter!  Yep, 12 hours.  Were we trying to break records?  Nope, these things just end up this way and since we had done 10 hours, I thought it would be a crime not to round it off to 12.  So there we go.

After having listened to small pieces of this and having heard myself singing, I am thinking, that we can have Karaoke nights here at WTFR.  Why the hell not?  Which one of you would be brave enough to sing your heart out on-air to your favourite tunes?  I’ve got literally hundreds of hours worth of Karaoke Midi music.  So there really isn’t an excuse and given the current discourse we face, I couldn’t think of anything better, when it comes to letting our hair down.

Enjoy my friends.



55 Extra RadioX Editions Added to the Lineup

That’s right Ladies and Gents!  If you’re not taking advantage of the 24/7 stream where you can hear what has been happening on WTFR, you’re missing out.

Throughout the day, we play repeats of the shows that have been recorded here at WTFR, but not only that, we also play past shows from other networks that did some good work in exposing the cretins at the top of the pyramid, if you will.  From Peter Schaenk all the way to Eustace Mullins, Dr. William Pierce and JimmyX of RadioX.

Just tonight, I was sifting through some old data CD’s and DVD’s and low and behold, I came across a whole heap more of the RadioX broadcasts that JimmyX and myself did all those years ago.  From 2009 onwards.  Yep, I feel old!  And tired.

Again, many of the shows played on the 24/7 are not available for download ANYWHERE, so the only way to hear them, is to have the WTFR 24/7 stream running in the background, whilst you’re fixing the car, watering the garden or doing the ironing.

You can check out the schedule here and listen to the 24/7 here, to be able to hear your favourite broadcasts running throughout the day.

I have also implemented a little extra for the 24/7 repeats.  At 10 PM EST American time, Robert Reyvolts show plays as a repeat each evening, but I have now made it so that I can pick a broadcast of my choice, or YOUR choice to play at 10 PM on the 24/7 lineup.  This can be a show that you have picked from another network (there are some limitations) or it can be a show you have picked right here from WTFR.


If you email me and say, “Shaun, I listened to a broadcast from the network known as RBN today and I would love to have you put that in the quick pick slot, so that people that listen to WTFR can hear it as well”, then I would place that show of your choice into the quick pick slot and it will automatically be played that night at 10 PM EST, unless of course there is a live show at that time.  If nothing is picked, then a Reyvolt show will be played instead.

So what are you waiting for?  Start noting down your favourite shows and emailing them to me, so that we can start opening some minds.

Stay well!


Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed: Jimmy X (5-20-16)

After some technical difficulties, Shaun and JimmyX (of RadioX) speak on a great many things, such as Donald Trump potentially being president of the United States. They also discuss feminism and the plight that it is upon the world.

Note: You will hear William Luther Pierce at the start of this show, as a filler.


Yes, Yes, Yes, I know It Was Mothers Day Already

I think the title says it all, doesn’t it?

As it is that my shows for some reason always seem to fall on Mothers Day, I would usually throw out a “Happy Mothers Day Mummers!”  This year I did not according to a few personal friends…  So allow me to start with my 3 part humble apology by saying………  Nah, f*ck it!  I’ll just dig out a 2010 golden oldie with JimmyX and I, that says it all.

Enjoy & Happy Mummers Day Mummers!


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