2020-01-10 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this 3 hour edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks with Monika Schaefer about:

  • The attack on children.
  • Resistance to their agenda.
  • The Great Awakening
  • The Australian fires – mirror of the Canadian fires of the last few years.  – Are the fires being lit and / or helped along by chemtrails because in Canada they were!
  • Josh & Shaun have a back and forth about subjects happening today, CB radio style
  • Jacko calls in and tears Shaun a new one – (Shauns Notes:  Yeah but, but…  But…..  😐 )

And much more as usual!


Jacko’s Lantern – Episode 7 w/ Jacko

On this edition of Jacko’s Lantern, Jacko speaks about:

  • Be a slave – Same thing everyday and we allow our radios to tell us how to think
  • Our foundations have become rotted and destroyed – We need to hack our lives
  • An article states that kids look to be vaccinated – Pure propaganda
  • Living fake lives all the way down to screwing at a reptile brain level – Break the Fake
  • Food has less nutrition these days due to raped soil – Super Super Magic Soil is needed
  • Capitalism is not what we have been told – State sanctioned usury – Video Jacko speaks of
  • Incorporate good food and just improving your life in general into your daily being
  • We are told Ancestral concepts are being attacked and you must understand you are just an idea
  • Who has achieved good habits and what have YOU achieved to incorporate good habits
  • Fear, rants, donations etc, has never helped you – You need to do something for you
  • “What can you actually achieve?  Figure it out and get busy!”
  • We have been living in a police state for long time – It’s already here
  • White Nationalists, what is it you want?  Inheritance or conquest?
  • We have to come together – We have to figure out how to trust each other

And much more!


Jacko’s Lantern Episode 06 w/ Jacko

On this edition of Jacko’s Lantern, Jacko speaks about:

  • Diversity (lack of) standards
  • Anti-fa cognitive dissonance
  • Race War is natural
  • Aristocracy as psychopathy
  • The answers are not in the past
  • Post-WW2 economy would have self-corrected without immigration
  • My thoughts from a distance on Charlottesville
  • State problems that are exacerbated by its anti-white agenda
  • Resilience and White Survivalism


Episode 05 of Jacko’s Lantern w/ Jacko 2017-06-11

On this episode of Jacko’s Lantern, Jacko speaks about:

-Revisit the Mantra
-Population share
-SJW’s are white supremacists with suicidal conditioning
-Deracination is core of our issues
-Collection of anti-white quotes in Australia from alor.org
-Rural areas are being depressed
-Einherjar and Esau prophecies align for avoiding apocalyptic ruin
-White can take advantage of rural area depression IF they have a strong community
-Community is the next step into closing the BFG
And more…