3rd of Nov, 2014 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about Free Speech and Brendon O’Connell’s further arrest.  Yes, that’s correct.  Even after Brendon’s 3 year prison sentence, he has been arrested and charged, yet again for activities that our Fabian Fifth Columnists deem “horrible”.  It’s about time we disown these mainstream cretins, so that people like Brendon, can speak freely on what is true.


Muslim Pig Attacks Peaceful Protester

Yes, multi-racialism is working wonders.  We see it every day like we do in this video.  You see, people can scream high and bloody murder about those that point out the fact that multi-racialism is not working, but the fact that we see conflicts like this all the time, should be enough.  Or at least you’d think so.  I guess logic, commonsense and intelligence takes that proverbial back seat these days.

Below:  Many would say the muslim in this video is an extremist, however I beg to differ.  This is a typical muslim.  Most muslims just hide this side of themselves.

With multi-racialism comes the introduction of third world religions, where 9 year old’s being raped by a prophet is seen to be OK.  The world we live in is a strange place, less because of third world muds and more because of those that believe multi-racialism is a functioning mechanic.

SourceThe Political Insider

In this older video, watch as a radical Muslim extremists attacks a street preacher. Not only is he controversial and violent, but thanks to political correctness… the police are hesitant do to anything about it!

As far as we can tell, the Christians were acting in a peaceful manner, while the Muslim was extraordinarily aggressive. Skip to the 4:40 to see the situation escalate into a physical confrontation.

Austrian Man Fined for Yodelling While Mowing His Lawn

Does this at all surprise you in a world fraught with multi-racialism?  This is exactly what happens when the higher echelons realise that they need to break down White Western Civilisation, before their plans can proceed toward their end agenda.  As long as you’re white, your race, religion, heritage, creed and color take a back seat to third world mud people.

From the Telegraph:

Helmut Griese, 63, was found guilty of “ridiculing” their religious beliefs and fined nearly £700 by a court in Graz. Rather than face a protracted court case, with all its attendant legal costs, Mr Griese agreed to pay.

The court heard how the Muslim family regarded Mr Griese as a “grumpy old man” whose open-air Alpine chanting was intended as a taunt aimed at their religion. The retiree was accused trying to “mock and imitate” the call of the Muezzin, who calls the faithful for prayer in mosques. They alleged that he always began his yodelling just as they knelt down to pray.

Mr Griese, however, told the Austrian newspaper Kornen that “it was not my intention to imitate or insult them. I simply started to yodel a few tunes because I was in such a good mood.”

The court heard how things came to a head late in the summer when Griese was both mowing his lawn and yodelling as the Muslim family were praying. Police were called, and he was served with a summons.

Mr Griese was charged the “disparagement of religious symbols” – an offence usually used to prosecute for neo-Nazis who desecrate Jewish graves – and hindering religious practice.

Arabs have no place in Western Civilisation, nor does Islam.  This is obvious, by the very article above, let alone so many other articles and instances that have taken place in the past.  They simply do not fit in and need to realise this if they don’t want to be put in uncomfortable positions.  They need to go back home to Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever it is they came from.

Below:  This is for all you praying muslims out there…

28th Sep, 2014 4hr Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

In this 4 hour edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed:

  • Mr. James Traficant passes away not long after Mr. Edgar James Steele
  • Brendon O’Connell calls Julie Bishop the foreign minister for Australia
  • Islam not fitting into Christian/Australian way of life
  • stanley “I’m a jew coward weasel” keyser
  • Bagel shop owner upset by Robert Ransdell’s anti-jew signs
  • Passion of the Christ actor shunned by jew hollywood
  • Israel’s claim to supremacist ownership
  • Shaun’s show is full of anti-hate contrary to occasional belief
  • A 1950’s look into Australia compared to what it has become today

And more…


Bigots of the US Refuse Sharia Law

I’m sick and tired of this Islamic disease worming it’s way into western society, as the snake in the grass that it is.  If you as a muslim, want to live the muslim way of life, including with sharia saw, I suggest you go back to your Islamic worlds, such as Afghanistan.  You moved here for a better way of life, so enjoy that better way of life or F*CK OFF!

What is the point of coming to a country of progression, only to do bring the barbarity with you, that you were trying to escape?  The ancient and barbaric rule of sharia law has no place in white western worlds.  Period!

From the Sons of Liberty Media:

“Over the last year, and due to the focus of House Republicans on so-called ‘Muslim radicalization,’ we have seen politicians and pundits attacking the Islamic faith as a security threat to the United States,” she said. “Across the country, these people are exploiting fear and trying to convince state legislatures that the state adoption of Sharia tenants is the strategy extremists are using to transform the United States into an Islamic country.”

Maxine Waters and others like her are mere douche bags that prove my point on Idiocracy every day.  As the author of the article above rightly points out, they continuously make note of “radical Islam”.  There is NO such thing as radical Islam.  There is only Islam.

Although I am well aware that jews hold the monopoly on control around the world, I have no doubt in my mind, that islam and it’s muslims follow soon after.  If they could have the monopoly on the world that judaism does, they would snap it up in an instant.

Bombs Made Next Driveway – 2011

This is an old article, but I just had to put in my two cents.

Whilst I have an obvious distaste for judaism, (note no capital letter) I also believe that islam (note no capital letter) is not far behind.  Islam and it’s muslims may not have the control that judaism and it’s jews do, but if they could, sharia law would be a forced part of your lives and don’t you be fooled into believing otherwise.

This angry neighbour is obviously taking steps to show his distaste for this spreading disease called islam.

From the Daily Mail:

Some neighbours are just never going to get along.

And there won’t be much discussion of the weather over the garden fence down down in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst.

There, Muslim leaders are enraged that the homeowner next door to their mosque has posted a provocative sign on his front lawn.

Michael Heick has advised passers-by: ‘Bomb Making Next Driveway’.

Next door is the entrance to the Jaffarya Centre.

Religions/Cults such as islam are just simply not a part of Western Civilisation and should not be forcing itself upon White Western Culture and it’s people.  Period.