13th of Dec, 2015 Edition of the Renegade Roundtable w/ Shaun & Callers

We’re not even going to go into detail about the different topics we discussed during this 5 hr Roundtable broadcast Ladies and Gents.  But as a brief synopsis, we’re “racist” “anti-Semitic” “anti-government” and blah, blah fucking blah….

Kick back with your fave beverage and enjoy.


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12th of Dec, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of the show Ladies and Gents:

A Muslim shows his distaste for Donald Trump, after Trump had stated that all Muslims need to be banned from America.

An Australian member of Parliament says that the tyranny of political correctness is destroying Australia.

An Afghanistan Savage is sentenced to life in prison after burning a young Finnish girl alive.

The double standards of Israel and its Jews.

A pastor’s pregnant wife is murdered by ape savages but there is no world outrage to be seen. Outrage all around the world when it comes to black savages being killed in Ferguson and Baltimore, but no outrage when a beautiful white Western civilised girl is brutally killed.

This edition of TCTA is a one-hour quickie edition. Please enjoy.

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11th of Dec, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed:

Shaun speaks about how to define those of Aryan bloodlines the easiest way. Whilst the best measure of finding out who and who isn’t of Aryan blood logically comes down to blood tests of sorts, sometimes the best way is just to look into their eyes or glaze over their hair colour.arya2

White warriors on the battlefield are not suppose to be keeping their bad language in check, so if you don’t like bad language you need to stay the fuck off the battlefield.

How do we further grow our movement? Are we heading in the right direction in the way we present ourselves as different hosts? Given that we are waking people up more than ever before, Shaun believes that we are heading in the right direction.

Public humiliation and whipping will take place from now on for those that do not turn up to the show when they say they will. We will start with Dennis in Aus. (Muwhahahahaha)

Kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy the show.


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4th of Dec, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

Shaun is scolded about using the word Nigger. He is none too pleased about this, so he lets the author of the e-mail have it with both barrels.

It’s very easy to broadcast Renegade Broadcasting across the airwaves overtaking other people’s frequencies. Shaun gives you the rundown on how to do so.

Donald Trump is a tough act to follow, as is Vladimir Putin. Shaun is left scratching his head as to whether Donald Trump is good or bad, but one thing is clear and that is Shaun is not going to be putting all his eggs in one basket.

Not everything is a conspiracy, as much as many of the audience to alternative radio would like you to be. Just because there is a conspiracy theorist element to Shaun Surplus, does not mean that he thinks absolutely everything is a conspiracy.

Universities all around the world are driving it home when it comes to this failure called multiculturalism/multiracialism. Jew Facebook is doing its darndest to shut these university students up.

Caller Nick, makes some great points about Donald Trump among other things.

You too can become a part of the broadcast at any time Ladies and Gentlemen, by catching our live show at 10 PM EST American time and 2 PM AEST Australian time over at http://renegadebroadcasting.com .

The call in number is (512) 961 7005. This number is local to Austin Texas so there is no excuse for you Americans not to call in if you have something to say. Shaun will soon be getting an Australian number for those Australians interested in calling into the show.

Kick back with favourite beverage and enjoy the latest edition of TCTA.


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29th of Nov, 2015 Edition of the Renegade Roundtable w/ Shaun & Callers

On the Renegade Roundtable today/tonight Shaun and his callers discuss a great many things.

Gang-banger stalkers paid to stalk people like you and I that dare to discuss things outside the Fabian fifth Marxist bullshit. Even if you happened to have been forced out onto the street.

Blonde jokes. Were they a Jewish creation and where do we draw the line when it comes to humour among other things that may have been injected into society by Jews?

Hitler had something great going and we as White Aryan men and women are continuing his legacy. Hitler may have lost the battle, but we must continue to fight many more battles, so that we can win the war.

To add to the conversation about white creations, when it comes to technology and how the Asians improve on these creations, a good example is that of the Betamax machine.

The Betamax machines and tapes were based off of the compact cassette tape and the machine that ran them, which were first created in Germany. Sony later come along and created the beta tape and machine based on this German technology.

How about we have a German history month where we go through all of the technologies created within Germany, so that we may celebrate the brilliant white minds that to this day continue the genius behind brilliant white German engineering?

Divide and conquer was never about dividing blacks and whites. It was about dividing whites and whites. Whether it be white women against white women, white men against white men, or white men against white women. Blacks and whites would always naturally be divided because they are so different in every way.


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27th of Nov, 2015 Thanks Giving Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

Welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of TCTA ladies and gentlemen.

Whilst Shaun was not very prepared for doing a show today, given the fact that he had his days messed up, the show did go ahead. So he made the most of it by making it a Thanksgiving edition of TCTA.

Shaun speaks about his trip to America. The heat wave in LA, the black and Mexican drug wars in the park, the hydraulics failing in system one on the plane, Niagara Falls, the cost of beer, including beer in pharmacies, driving on the wrong side of the road ETC.

The show was just a little bit of fun for Thanksgiving so I don’t want to hear any complaints about bad language, grammar problems, anchor babies, mercury dental fillings, drowned kittens, toilets that flow the other way due to the equator, kangaroos and koalas that hurt people, skunks, etc. You get the point.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American buddies!


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For those of you that want a copy of the poem written by David Lane.

“Viking Princess” Written By David Lane.

Music Score By Shaun Surplus.

Narrated By Shaun Surplus.


26th of Nov, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of the broadcast Shaun speaks about blacks needing to become slaves again. The blacks do not like the idea of becoming a part of reservations so Shaun has come up with the idea that can solve all the problems between blacks and whites.

Bad language is a fact of life especially when it comes to the status quo. So until we go back to the high moral value that the 1940s and 50s had, Shaun will give all of you plebeians that which you so rightly deserve.

Somebody writes to Shaun about Mami’s Shit. Shaun explains why it is that he has nothing to do with the crappy website. There is no longer any time for Jew or Muslim lovers, nor is there any time for empathy and sympathy where it doesn’t belong. Europe is falling, America is falling, Australia is falling! Shame on Mami’s Shit for imploring the love of Muslims.

In the last segment Shaun speaks about Elite Dangerous, as there is a listening base for gaming when it comes to Shaun’s audience. Shaun likes to cater for as much of his audience as possible.

Please note: the comments that Shaun made over there on Steam have since been deleted yet again. The ‘Fat Braben’ cronies are making perfectly sure that they follow their Braben training, when it comes to a marketing agenda.

There is a reason that Braben’s game is called Elite. It’s because those that market the game have the same elite marketing stance as that of the Rothschilds.

Braben has proven to us, that censorship is very prevalent not just within the mainstream media but all the way to our gaming.  ‘Fat Braben’ is clearly a very good marketer, but far from a man who knows how to create a game with any content.

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