Transgender Himshim/Heshe Crowned Homecoming Princess

This is about as warped as it gets.  I could go on and on about all of the reasons why this is so sick, twisted and wrong, but it’s obvious to a sane mind why.  Any halfwit knows deep within themselves, that our societies have been infiltrated, by sick minded individuals (check your local jew lobby) that condone this kind of mentally retarded disorder.  After taking a look at this for yourself, don’t forget to have a look at the Daily Slave, for their take on this issue.

From Eag News:

Scarlett Lenh, who was born Andy Lenh and began identifying himself as a girl this school year, was crowned homecoming princess at the school’s football game last Friday, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

The 16-year-old, who has worn girls’ clothing and used the female bathroom at Sand Creek since school started a few weeks ago, told the news site she is excited that her peers in the junior class voted for her over two other candidates, but not everyone is celebrating the occasion.

Just as schizophrenia needs to be dealt with, so too does this kind of mental disorder.  Nature dictates the difference between man and woman, but when filthy disgusting jews infiltrate any given society, this mental degenerative type disease is injected to infect and break down good moral value.  It’s time we start putting the blame where it belongs.  In the mean time though, these twisted individuals like Lenh need to get psychological help.