The Gaming Corner w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-09-05

On this edition of The Gaming Corner, Shaun discusses:

  • Elite Dangerous and the grind fest that it is
  • No Mans Sky and how it has come leaps and bounds
  • Evochron Mercenary and Legacy – A one man wonder
  • Freelancer – A game that seems to last forever
  • Rockstar and how they need to get off their high horse
  • Subnautica – A game that is not recognised enough
  • Minecraft servers and the risks for children
  • Transformers Devastation for us oldies
  • Dungeons 2 & 3 Vs the oh so nostalgic Dungeon Keeper
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator



The Gaming Corner w/ Shaun Surplus & Snake 2018-04-19

**DISCLAIMER —  This edition of the show is primarily about the people of Steam forums, so if you are a person looking for game reviews, don’t listen to this show.**

On this edition of The Gaming Corner Shaun & Snake speak about a great many things when it comes to the dangerous nature of Steam forums and at the last minute they go on to speak about a few games such as The Long Dark and Final Fantasy XV.



The Gaming Corner w/ Patrick and Shaun Surplus

On this edition of the Gaming Corner, Patrick and Shaun speak about:

  • Savage Lands moderators ban Shaun for being truthful about their failed game
  • Assassins Creed Origins coming soon – Patrick explains a fews aspects
  • Bumping threads and the “authority movement” – Mind your own business!

And more…


Saturday, 8 July 2017

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