TCTA Becomes a Part of the Renegade Broadcasting Carrousel Repeater Lineup

Some of you may recall, not so long ago, Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting, inviting Shaun onto his show known as, ‘The Solar Storm‘.  Well, in amidst both Kyle and Shaun juggling with the idea of a time that Kyle will be able to join Shaun on TCTA, Kyle has generously offered to play some of Shaun’s podcasts on Renegade Broadcasting as a part of their weekday repeats.

Our man Ches, mailed us this morning, letting us know that he had sent Kyle a message asking if he would be willing to place the Freedompalooza Podcast Network in the ‘other’ section of the Renegade Broadcasting Network’s webpage and Kyle was happy to do so.  So a big tilt of the hat to Kyle and other members over there at Renegade Radio.

Should Shaun forget to plug the Renegade Broadcasting Network each show, please be sure to digitally slap him in his forgetful face, so that he can get it right!

Thank You for reading and have a great and “racist” day!

Shaun Surplus to Introduce a Permanent Time Slot

Well, as you all know, Shaun has been recklessly doing his show at any time that suits him, because of his very strange schedule.  However, over time, since he has gone live again, he’s been experimenting with peoples timezones.  It’s never an easy task to suit every zone as one could imagine.  We have EST and CST as the main timezones it seems in the States and then we have AEST and ADST in Australia.  Then we have the UK to deal with as well and the wheels on the bus go round and round.  After having said that, he has finally decided that 11PM EST, 10PM CST for the United States, which is 2PM AEST, 3PM ADST for Australia and 4AM for the UK, is best as he can offer.

So ladies and gents, join the show every 11PM EST American time and 2PM AEST every day/night (depending on your location) by going to this link:

And for the chatroom, should you want to join the discussion, you can find that below:

Getting back into live radio is also never an easy task.  Since the network is just fresh off the bat live, it’s hard to get people to know that we are here.  Whilst we get 1500 to 2600 listeners a week sometimes, with certain podcast archives, the live show is trickling at best at the present time, because we haven’t had regular time slots until now.  Hopefully this will help people find us a little easier, through consistency.  YOU can also help ladies and gents, by posting this article to your Facebook page and websites, so that people can get to know about the new time slots.  We here at the Freedompalooza Podcast Network would be very grateful indeed.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Tara Beth’s show, known as Harvesting Truth, Monday’s at 10PM EST American time, which is Tuesday’s at 1PM AEST (2PM ADST) Australian time.  Tara gives her own perspective from the stand point of family and living off the grid as much as possible.  By all means check her out live on the same link above.

Thank You for joining us and please, have yourselves a great day/night.

21st Oct, 2014 Live Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

It’s been a while since the days where Shaun was live, with Oracle Broadcasting and/or Orion Talk Radio.  Well, now the Freedompalooza Podcast Network is live.  You will soon be able to call in via regular phones, but also via Skype.  Not to mention, chatroom interaction of course.  Trolls are encouraged.

Here is the first show live on the network, with Shaun Surplus, where freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of expression are guaranteed.

On today’s edition you will hear discussion about:

  • The Live Network
  • Google, Facebook and Microsoft’s grasp on the Internet
  • Rumors about other talk radio hosts and what they are saying
  • jew parasites
  • Articles from the Daily Slave

And much more as per usual…


Lee Rogers of the Daily Slave Visits Anne Prank Huis

As you can see on the main page here at the Freedompalooza Podcast Network, Lee Rogers, JimmyX and myself spoke on TCTA about Lee’s visit to the Anne Prank house in Amsterdam.  Whilst radio definitely gives direction to what Lee had to say about his oh so emotional visit, nothing accents the show better than a few pictures and a detailed article of the event.

From the Daily Slave:

With that said, I must admit that my visit to the Anne Frank House was actually a very emotional one.  Not because I felt sorry for a Jewish girl who lived inside an attic, but because I could barely contain my laughter at how ridiculous it all is.  Once you understand that the diary itself is a fraud, it makes the entire museum a comical absurdity.


28th Sep, 2014 4hr Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

In this 4 hour edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed:

  • Mr. James Traficant passes away not long after Mr. Edgar James Steele
  • Brendon O’Connell calls Julie Bishop the foreign minister for Australia
  • Islam not fitting into Christian/Australian way of life
  • stanley “I’m a jew coward weasel” keyser
  • Bagel shop owner upset by Robert Ransdell’s anti-jew signs
  • Passion of the Christ actor shunned by jew hollywood
  • Israel’s claim to supremacist ownership
  • Shaun’s show is full of anti-hate contrary to occasional belief
  • A 1950’s look into Australia compared to what it has become today

And more…


Circus Maximus w/ Nick Spero Interviews Shaun Surplus is a new website as many of you may know.  Whilst Shaun has been podcasting and in live radio since 2003 all around the world, the new Freedompalooza Podcast Network has only just been born, out of the minds of Tara Beth and Shaun himself.  It consists of only two shows, to keep it sweet.  Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed w/ Shaun Surplus and Harvesting Truth w/ Tara Beth.  Both have their own ways of broadcasting and both have their own beliefs, which are often quite separate to each other.  This makes for great radio, especially when two shows on the same network can sometimes be complete opposites.  It just goes to show that people can get along, even if their view points and belief systems are completely different.  As Shaun always says, “As long as you’re doing whatever you’re doing with the best of intentions and you’re not doing it to harm others, you’re off to a good start”, and that is exactly how we feel, here on the Freedompalooza Podcast Network.

As the years go by in radio, no matter what kind of radio, whether it be podcasting or live, sooner or later the hosts get noticed for their efforts, as long as they have put in the time and hard work and have been as honest as they possibly can with their audience.  And believe me when I say, honesty comes at a price and sometimes even much sacrifice.  Many a friend will have turned their backs on the hosts, many other hosts and networks from the past, will have done the same.  Sometimes however, the sacrifices pay off and hosts such as Tara and Shaun are recognised by people around the world.  This is exactly what happened, when Nick Spero had heard Shaun on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, some years ago.  Nick, now having a show of his own, known as Circus Maximus, invites Shaun to speak about what has passed and what is present.  So please, sit back with your favourite beverage and enjoy this episode of Circus Maximus, with your host Nick Spero and his guest, Shaun Surplus.


8th Sep, 2014 Edition of Harvesting Truth w/ Tara Beth

In this edition of Harvesting Truth on the Freedompalooza Podcast Network:

 – Breaking news of Edgar Steeles’ passing
– Some background on Ed’s story and the false accusations
– Concerns for his wife and family
– Looking into what we can do as a people to release innocent prisoners, and put corrupted judges and prosecutors on trial