TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-10-30

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Dr. Rebecca Carley and a disagreement
  • We’re all equal because the baby boomers told me so
  • Black serial killers that go unspoken of on Discovery
  • Femicunts being worse than feminists themselves
  • South Park robots and how humour is the new perversion
  • Clint Eastwood and his jew humping daughter
  • 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland and Charlottesville
  • Dec 15 2001 – The killings of white people unreported – Dr. Pierce
  • Roosh V should hang and his disgusting supporters need a punch in the face
  • Richard Ayoade doesn’t seem to be able to tolerate dumb humans either

And much more…



Equality in the Ranks

It’s funny isn’t it?  We are continuously told that we must treat everybody equally, under the guise that everybody is equal.  Aside from the fact that anybody with half a brain can realise that we are indeed not equal, we have to ask ourselves why the very people that tell us to treat everybody equally, themselves do not do so.  Australia is a good example of this.  Let’s take a wander down equality lane.

The government of Australia continuously tells it’s people that we need to treat everybody equally.  “Don’t treat him/her differently because he/she has black skin.”  Australians have been and probably always will be happy to go along with this silly notion, but it seems that the government is not and it’s evident to see if you just take a look into the fact that Aboriginal people get paid more than white people whilst on the dole.  (Americans know this as welfare)  Black students are also paid more and this can even be realised in the naming of the payments.  Austudy for white Australians and Abstudy for the “indigenous”.

Let’s list the benefits to get a clear picture:

  • Extra benefits on welfare – No matter what payment plan they are on, they receive more.
  • Rent paid for – Most of the rent is paid for, especially in commission housing.  The welfare payment will pay the rest.
  • Free cars – Some people may tell you, that the Land Rovers they receive are ALMOST free, but this simply is not true.  Most of the car is paid for and the Aboriginal has to pay the rest, but the payment they are paying the rest with, is their welfare check, so in hindsight, the car is paid for in it’s entirety by tax payers money.
  • Little to no taxes – Depending on their circumstances and situations, many of them don’t get taxed.  Take for example, those Aboriginals that have dams on their properties.  In Australia, if you have a dam on your property that is deeper than 18 inches, you get taxed for each liter after that, whereas Aboriginal people are exempt from this tax.

Just to name a few…  So you tell me, if you think the Australian government is treating everybody equally judging by their skin color.

Back in 1996 when Pauline Hanson of One Nation made her maiden speech about these very things, she was shouted down and called racist, by the very government that were doing exactly that.  Out of one side of their disgusting prejudiced mouths, they screamed equality and out of the other side of their saliva dribbling pie holes, they were screaming “PAY BLACK PEOPLE MORE”, whilst the white Aussies sat around with their crappy can of Fosters agreeing with the government, under the notion that if they didn’t, they too would be called racist.  Oh boy.  We can’t have that now can we?  After all, the term racist is such a scary one.

So badly was Pauline Hanson ridiculed by her government and our Fabian Fifth Columnist lamestream (mainstream) media, that people all around Australia jumped on the retarded bandwagon and even attacked Hanson, at her residence.  After she’d had enough of it, she decided that she was going to pack up and emigrate to England, until she spent some time there and realised what an Islamic cesspool that was becoming.  So she came back to Australia.

This is the so called government we have at hand.  It’s less of a government really, as much as it is a kindergarten play ground with a bunch of screaming children, yelling epithets and insults at each other from either side of the yard.  And this is indicative of every western government it seems these days.  Not a day passes where a government calls for equality, yet treats those with dark skin, better than those with light skin.  “Equality”, my white arse.

Is it any wonder, that whitey is waking up to the fact that the term ‘anti-racism’ actually means ‘anti-white’.