Apparently The Face of Effemination

It’s been some years now that people have been asking what I look like.  I’m guessing it’s the whole curiosity thing that comes with radio.  Being heard and not seen is the preference for many of us.  That is usually me.  However, it doesn’t take much more than a Google search to find what I look like, since I have been on television, in documentaries and people have pictures of me out there that have been spread far and wide.

Lately, one of the things that has been getting around is my appearance on Aussie Beach TV, where I was under the weather at the time and almost resembled Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons.  I can take the joke to a point, but according to some sheeple tards out there, this makes me somewhat “effeminate”.  People have small minds.  To think that you can see me in one video and believe for a moment that this is entirely what you can base your thoughts on when it comes to how I look, is a ridiculous and childish notion.

Given the fact, that I have spoken against feminism on and off since 2003, (and I am talking about podcasting and radio here) and given the fact that I have spoken against homosexuality, on and off since 2003, between my podcasts, Oracle Broadcasting and Orion Talk Radio, not to mention 1650 AM and 92.3 FM, plus a cluster of stations in Sioux Falls South Dakota, I beg to differ in that my anti-effeminate ways have not shown themselves.  Whilst I may do my best to cater for the women out there, that are true women and men that are true men, I don’t see how that at all makes me somehow come across to anybody with a right mind, as effeminate.  I resent this entirely and I dare say that these rumors come from people that I have taken to task in the past, in some way shape or form.

You people that have nothing better to do with your time, besides cook up bullshit rumours need to get a hobby.  Just because you don’t like the show, or just because you see me one time in a video and judge me entirely on that, does not mean for a moment, that you can justify your petty school ground notions, by starting these rumors.  Your rumors are yours and yours alone.  Get your facts right.

For your information, most people attribute my looks, to that of a biker.  You can see for yourself below in a photo that my little Daughter took of me in late 2014.


It might pay to know, that most of emails I get for the show, are indeed from females.  This kind of relates to what I have discussed time and time again, where the male has become the female and female has become the male.  Most men are too pussified to even write to me or call into the show these days.  The women in many ways, have taken a stand.  Maybe, it’s YOU that is effeminate.  Maybe it’s YOU that is feminine.  How about you grow a pair of f*cking balls and call into the show and let me know what makes me “effeminate” in your eyes.

I’m ready to take on the world.  Are you?  Does that make me effeminate?

Pussy keyboard commando faggots!