23rd of May, 2015 4HR edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks for a whole 4 hours on a great many things, including the cuckold pervert running a children’s TV program.

** Note:  4 hour show, so have some time up sleeves my fellow plebeians…

  • Spartacus speaks to the Swastika show and where the symbol may have come from
  • Steve emails Shaun about the feminisation of the men and Atrazine
  • Syngenta and it’s employees have some interesting backgrounds
  • The gender-bending chemicals in our water wiping out men
  • Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer writes about the Bella Bulldogs TV program

Daily Slave Articles:

  • Alex Jones fighting alleged black genocide
  • Holohoax on German TV a first
  • White people sitting in a room together “racist”
  • Male lingerie made in Australia (WOT?)
  • Rug munching traffic lights
  • Invading ships to be destroyed
  • Hitler didn’t give a kid a piece of cake












Trees Collecting Snow Render Climate Change Morons Useless

I’ve been speaking about the docility of these fat cats and bureaucrats for years and the flaws in their research, thanks to Rocket Scientists like Dr. David Evans and Joanne Nova of Science Speak, educating me so well, when it comes to the global warming issue.  This article really makes a lot of sense and only adds to the growing amount of information that goes directly against Al Gores junk science.

From Sanfrancisco CBS Local:

BERKELEY (KCBS) — Environmental scientists at UC Berkeley are saying that there are too many trees in the California’s forests.

The researchers say fewer trees would leave more rain water available to meet the state’s demand.

Professor Scott Stephens, of the UC Berkeley Department of Environmental Science Policy, said that when it comes to snow and rainfall, trees have first dibs.

“Less tree cover also means less water usage,” he said.

Stephens said research shows that after a century of firefighters suppressing forest fires, rather than letting them burn, water that flows into streams has diminished.

“It’s just hugely important that we have change that trajectory in big scales; we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of acres—not 5,000. We’re talking big areas,” Stephens said.

“If we don’t do this, we’re really going to look back at this period right now in 30 years and say, ‘this is a huge missed-opportunity.”

He said in Yosemite National Forrest, for example, there were 40 fires allowed to burn out over decades and that his study shows that, as a result, there was more water supplies in streams in rivers.

In addition, Stephens said, that with more trees in the Sierra, the more snow that collects on them and evaporates, rather than feeding surface water.

Other scientists, however, argue that the more trees there are, the better because they help remove carbon dioxide from the air, which they say contributes to global climate change.

Below:  Shaun speaks with Dr. David Evans about global warming.


2010 – Shaun Interviews Dr. David Evans of Science Speak

An oldie but a goldie.  Back in 2010, I interviewed Dr. David Evans of Science Speak.  Dr. Evans is the rocket scientist that created the modeling and programming, that made it possible to measure the amount of carbon in plants and such.  Dr. Evans understands in full, the ongoing farce when it comes to the crap coming from the global warming alarmists.

From Science Speak:

Science Speak is a small private scientific modeling and mathematical research company. We solve problems, and we speak about some science and economic issues.

Click on play below to have a listen to the interview.