Abbo’s MUST DIE!!!

It’s funny Ladies and Gents that when I am debating somebody about abbos, they automatically assume I want the said abbo’s dead!  Yeah, not once do I mention in a debate that I want them living nor dead, but people seem to assume my position for me.  And they want me to take their views seriously after that?

Today I was in heavy debate with a Gentleman that seemed opened minded enough to listen to what I had to say and vice-versa, but during the conversation the whole death thing came into play, when I had not mentioned either way whether I wanted them dead or alive.

Now, needless to say, I have said a hundred times on the broadcast that I want the abbo’s on their own lands.  Their own reserves, just as the Indians in the states have THEIR own reserves, but the only time I have said that they should die, is when they are raping and murdering and of course the pedo’s need to be hung in a public square.

One of the continuous arguments as well is that “whites commit crimes too”.  I’ve discussed this on the show a million times!  Yes, whites commit crimes too, but per capita it is a “no thing” compared to blacks committing these crimes.  One of the arguments he used was “I read in Penthouse, June 1998 edition that the whites were doing the same”.  OK, so I am going to purchase the June 1998 edition of Penthouse from Amazon and see if indeed whites are raping young farm girls with broken bottles.  You see, I ain’t talking about drug lords and mafia type shit.  I am talking about innocent white South African farmers being raped and killed by black men (entire families) every day.  And I doubt very much that in this edition of Penthouse, there will be ANYTHING about young white girls being raped with broken bottles by other whites and young white boys having boiling oil tipped down their throats.

I threw the Karin Smith interview at him, so that he can’t call bullshit on me when I said, “I know White South Africans.”  I doubt he will ever hear the interview between her and I, but one can only hope.

I mean no disrespect towards an open minded individual such as he, but I have to call bullshit when I smell it.

We can keep making excuses for the abbo’s as much as we want, but unless we start holding them to taking their own responsibility in this day and age (this is not 200 years ago) we are simply allowing them to continue down their disintegrating road and if it keeps up, we go down with them.

As I say here in the audio, isn’t it funny that we as humans want to save the Killer Whale and the Siberian Tiger, but yet we put the white man down, even after ALL the great things he has done, such as planes, trains and automobiles, yet we don’t want to save him.  We were 27% white around the planet back in the late 40’s and early 50’s but now we are a mere 8.85% and people want nothing to do with saving us.  Well, I only have one thing to say.  If you really think that white man is so detrimental and evil, then start with yourself.  Jump off a fucking cliff and let us intelligent whites do what we need to do.  Which is clean up the planet.  We don’t need useless eaters.

Wake the fuck up!


Downtown White Police


Think About This Over the Christmas Holidays

My white western sisters and brothers, DO NOT fucking do this to your family.  If you have a mother in this position, a sister, a brother, you make sure you think about this story that James Lancia (the author of Downtown White Police) tells here.  We need family, we need friends.  We just don’t know what may come around the corner.

We will discuss this on the New Years Music Show, on New Years Eve, Australian time.  Meaning, tomorrow.

James Lancia’s YouTube Broadcasts Now A Part of WTFR

That’s right Ladies and gents, we have now implemented James Lancia’s YouTube broadcasts into the WTFR lineup, replacing The Green Pilled Perspective and Random Hours.  So each weekday at 12 PM EST American time, you will be able to hear from an ex-cop that policed some of the meanest and most savage areas in the United States, such as the Bronx throughout the 80’s and onward.

As an Aussie that has to witness pussy cops here in Australia, fining people for petty bullshit, such as not wearing a bicycle helmet, rather than foiling real crimes, such as:  Murder, rape, GTA, armed robbery etc, I for one love listening to Mr. Lancia as he discusses REAL issues and tells stories of his past noble deeds.  Not to mention the way REAL cops should handle criminal to criminal.

Take a listen each 12 PM midday on weekdays or 8 AM weekends on TuneIn or one of the other stream links on the Front Page to hear what James has to say.  You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to check out his book, Downtown White Police.



James Lancia and Jay Hit Home Runs

As usual, Jim and Jay hit home runs out of the park.  They talk here about the pussy EU cops that have become emasculated and hence why they are protecting the criminals instead of the good people around the world.

The punk cops around the globe have been challenged by James (the author of Down Town White Police) to a boxing match for charity and by God they better come with their game on, because Mr. Lancia ain’t fuckin’ around!

May I say from an Aussie view point, that Australian cops are the same pussies we see within the EU.  Whilst they should be out catching real criminals, they are instead fining adults and children no less, for not wearing bicycle helmets or smoking a little green.  PATHETIC!  WEAK AND PATHETIC!

Take a look at some REAL cops that deal with REAL crimes below…

Ex-Cop James Lancia – White Genocide Fact Or Fiction

I had the good James Lancia that authored “Downtown White Police” on my broadcast not so long ago Ladies and Gentlemen.  If you missed it, you need to have a listen indeed.  James and I discussed the difference of Australian Cops compared to that of American Cops and I have to say, that I was left very unimpressed with my Aussie Police Force.  We need more people like James and his early comrades.

Here is a YouTube clip of Mr. Lancia making all the sense in the world as usual.  Enjoy.

20th of Mar, Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & James Lancia

On this edition of the broadcast, Shaun speaks with James Lancia.  A cop that policed the streets of the Bronx among some of the other most roughest streets one could imagine.  Mr. Lancia is also the author of the book “Downtown White Police”.  The two gentlemen compare stories between Australia and the United States and discuss some important issues affecting all of Western Civilsation.