2020-04-24 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • The hippies are keeping quiet at the moment because of fines that come from the evil mild wu-flu
  • Ladies should not shop says Jap Mayor because they take too long
  • Shaun played Barbies and one of his biker (zztop beard style) mates turned up – Not good
  • Comments are more hilarious than the articles when it comes to women shopping
  • Gab and Bitchute and other websites need to get their shit together – Possible controlled opposition
  • Suckdickerberg does/did not pay almost anything to run farcebook
  • Alternative networks begging for sheckles (mr. sheffield) that they do not need to run their radio stations – jew behaviour
  • Shaun always gets shot down by other networks because of what he calls the “magician theory”
  • The truth movement is no longer – We now live in the times of the sullied movement
  • Coloreds get to graduate whilst white people do not – Who are the real ‘prejudiced’ ?
  • You’re not a holohoax survivor so you don’t get money because of Covid-19 but jews do
  • Who was Lev Davidoshitz Bronstein and what part did he play in killing so many White Christians?
  • Where is the movie from jew spielberg when it comes to the deaths of the said Christians?
  • Police helicopter goes after three teens on a rooftop drinking and fine them for breaking Covid laws
  • As Rob was saying on the show recently, this is partly about breaking our spirit
  • Nobody will threaten our families over this bullshit, including our dogs and cats – Get the apple corer ready
  • Only girls that are girls should be able to compete in girls sports – WOT?  Say it ain’t so!!!
  • Boy and Girl Scouts mixing was nothing more nor less than the emasculation of the male species and turning girls into men
  • Covid-19 lethality nowhere as bad as once thought but yet people are still acting like the cowardly lion (we ain’t in Kansas no more Toto)
  • Did Shaun have Covid-19 back in September, given that now (((they))) are saying it started within that month?
  • Calls are cancelled and they ain’t coming back – You all had your chance

And much more…