The Candour Hour -Ep14- Dedicated To Alison Chabloz

On this edition of The Candour Hour, Shaun plays a song written by Alison Chabloz herself and then gives you an update as to what is happening with her.  He then moves on to read ‘Why I left Mosely‘…


Song of Freedom – Grab yourself a copy of Alison’s music Ladies and Gents.  Help where you can.

The Candour Hour -Ep13- So Called Racism In America

On this edition of The Candour Hour, Shaun comments accordingly to a clip he plays about so called racism in America back in the 1950’s.  Whilst he did want to read the book, ‘Why I left Mosely’ by A.K. Chesterton, he didn’t quite have time, but will read it next week instead.


The Candour Hour -Ep11- Creed of a Fascist Revolutionary Pt II

On this edition of The Candour Hour, Shaun continues reading The Creed of  a Fascist Revolutionary by A.K. Chesterton and comments accordingly.

Join us on this informative ride into Mr. Chesterton’s life, views and reasoning.


Shaun Has a Scotch With the Candour Boys And Girls

**  Warning to the Ladies and Parents – There is some bad language in this video  **

Put a quick video together here at WTFR for the Lads and Lasses over there at Candour to explain a few things and also to have a Scotch with them.  I don’t drink much these days Ladies and Gents and I have been better for it, but once in a while I like to pump up the metal and get a bit happy.  God knows we need to these days.

Enjoy the video and don’t be shy.  Send in those comments!


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