The Feminist Versus the Feminine

Recently ladies and gentlemen, a friend of mine has been going through quite a bit of hell. His kids have been taken away from him by a feminist bitch. Now, there is a big difference between feminine and feminist. The feminine always tend to allow the children to see their father after a breakup. The feminist, with all the power that she can muster from the government will make perfectly sure that the man of the family, (or the once man of the family) will not get to see his children. She is nothing more nor less than a piece of crap.

The man I am discussing is excellent with his kids in every way shape and form. His ex-girlfriend is the poster child or the epitome of the feminist that will use her children as pawns on the chess board. She will use the children to get back at him in any way that she can, for anything he may have done wrong in the relationship. But nothing more than what she has done wrong in the relationship also.

There is no doubt about the fact that women have many more rights than men when it comes to custody of the children. Not even feminists can refute this, given that time and time again they are being awarded the children without justification. A court, even today here in 2019 will often only look at the fact that the person being awarded has a vagina between her legs. Rather than looking into the facts behind the relationship that was, the court automatically turns to the idea of maternal instinct. Even if the said feminist is on heavy drugs, whether they be legal or illegal, the court will often award the children to the mother.

Countless times have we seen that some mothers are not only unfit to look after their own children let alone other peoples, but also have killed their children either directly or indirectly through incompetence or mental instabilities. And who exactly did the court have to answer to? Nobody.

What surprises me the most about all of this however, is not so much a feminist mother that will not allow this gentleman to see his two girls. What surprises me, is all of those people around him and his ex-girlfriend that just cannot keep their noses out of their business. This particular gentleman and his ex-girlfriend need to be left alone so that they can work all of this out by themselves.

Everybody around this couple seem to think that they have all the answers when it comes to what she is thinking and what he is thinking. But they do not have the answers! The only people that can answer these questions are my friend and his ex-girlfriend. Until then it’s speculation and assumption. And remember what makes up the word “assume”. A S S U M E. Arse, you, me. It makes an arse out of you and me.

A breakup is hard enough as it is, without people interfering. What’s worse, is when people start guessing about what happened in the relationship and why each party is reacting the way it is. There have been accusations left right and centre about him and left right and centre about her but more so, him. Why? Because he is male. Plain and simply.

We are living in a feminist world, not a feminine one. Albeit that there is an argument getting around about how men have become emasculated and women have become the balls of the family, this is not what I’m talking about when I say a feminine world. What I’m saying, is that we are in a world that is dwindling when it comes to the feminine in women or young lady’s. I’m not discussing the men here when it comes to the feminine.

Men these days definitely do need to become masculine again. Through brainwashing on our televisions and from Edward Bernay’s feminist movement they have indeed become emasculated. However this is not what I’m discussing at this point in time. I am discussing how the feminine have become a feminist en masse. And this needs to change before men will ever have any rights to gain custody of their children when justified.

One of the biggest concerns I have with this issue, outside of the court problem, is the fact that his ex-girlfriend can make up any story she wants and everybody that happens to be female around her believe everything that comes out of her dirty mouth. She accused him of beating her, molesting one of the children, being overall abusive (even though she was the same) etc etc, and all of these feminist fuck heads around her believe every one of these lies. Some of them however, don’t necessarily believe what she is saying but because they too are feminists and mentally ill, they simply agree with everything that she is saying. I don’t know what is more sick. The fact that some of them agree because they are feminists, or those that agree because they believe her bullshit.

Anybody that knows this gentleman knows what he is capable of and what he is not capable of. He is very well known around the community as are his daughters and his ex-girlfriend. There are visitors that continually come and go from his household, so a big chunk of this small town understands his good and his bad points. As do they understand her good and bad points.

I’m 43 years of age about to turn 44. I’ve met both the feminine and the feminist. There is a clear difference between the two for anybody with half a brain.

The feminine are very fair people. Again I’m speaking about the female feminine, not the emasculated men. For example the mother of my children is predominantly feminine, nowhere near as much feminist. There is some feminism there because of the times we are living in, but little compared to that of her feminine content if you will. And it’s indicative of the fact that she allows me to see my children whenever I like. If I was to call her tomorrow and ask her if I could have the children because I have something important to show them or there is some type of event that I think that they can benefit from, she would be the first person to bring them to my home or to allow me to go and pick them up.

Feminists are a plight on this planet and have proven this time and time again with their illogical so-called reasoning and nonsense. But what is truly dangerous is when children are bought into the argument. “Take away a man’s children and you’ve left him truly with nothing left to live for.” –Anonymous. What’s worse though, is when the children are used as pawns to get back at the ex-spouse. And this predominantly comes out of the feminist movement, rather than coming from the man. We see it every day, and it cannot be refuted.  It needs to stop! This goes beyond child abuse when the children have been living with their mother and father for so many years, then all of a sudden they’re cut off from their father. Their little minds don’t understand what we understand as adults. They should not be bought into the adult politics of the breakup or adult politics in any way shape or form for that matter. They need to be children and to be children they need both their mother and their father, period!

To all of you feminist bitches out there that keep your children away from their father out of sheer revenge, shame on you and you will be judged some day on that very notion. It may not be by God, it may not be by a court, but sooner or later grief will come to visit you in one way or another! Mark my words you evil whores.

My message today is not just going out to the whores that use their children as pawns against the children’s father. This message also goes out to all of those backseat drivers to this breakup. Those who are so quick to talk behind my friends back without so much as going to his face and speaking to him about why it is that he’s making the decisions that he is making.

If this keeps up, where people continuously interfere and make assumptions rather than going to my friend’s face, I am going to start naming them to my said friend. They can deal with him directly! It really is sad, that these people that called him a friend speak behind his back so willingly but are too gutless to go to his face and ask questions that need to be answered. Sad indeed!

This system is in need of important change. We need to take our world back so that we can recreate the feminine and masculine the way it once was and worked. And I believe we need to start by squashing the feminist! Let’s start with those feminists that take the children away from their father without merit, without justification! Then we will move on to those that stick their noses into other people’s business, creating rumour that is detrimental to any re-formation of the relationship.

Use your brain people. Think!


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-07-06

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Bill 89 – The system may soon take your kids if you don’t agree with degenerate ideologies
  • United Nationalists Australia – Kooyong is under attack because people sat on their hands (cowards)
  • School once taught HOW to learn rather than WHAT to learn – Now they are just prisons
  • White Man Clip played at top of 2nd hour

And much more as always…


Bringing Somebodies Children Into An Argument Is A Low Blow

I’ve never been able to understand why anybody would bring somebodies child/children into an argument.  Especially when they have nothing to do with the said argument.  It seems though, that there are some low life scumbags out there, dirty enough to do so.  Usually people that claim they are fighting for the “good” side.

An argument or debate between adults, should NEVER involve anybodies children and nobodies child should EVER be used as a pawn, but again, it seems there are some gutter-filth out there that will do it in a moments notice.

Just recently, I did a broadcast about men with no convictions.  I spoke about Gadsden and Beattie not holding up to theirs and of course I invited some hostility, as I expected I would.  I’m happy to say however, that only 2 people so far have been hostile, whilst the other, around 30 emails and comments have been positive and agree with what I had said, because these are from people that have been listening to the network and know what went on.

One of those that were hostile, was a person nicknamed psiguard and he has been working behind the scenes for Radio Wehrwolf.  His hostilities started off mild enough but then grew into insulting me as much as he could, which was OK by me, because after being in broadcasting for as long as I have and with the content I discuss, I quickly learned to grow thick skin.  In fact, with some of what he was saying, I was laughing profusely.  I even copied and pasted some of it to friends of mine all around the world and they were laughing with me, more-so because of the obsessive nature of the bloke.  He was literally messaging me for 3 days, almost all throughout each day.  So as you can imagine, it was very comedic.

Insults about my person, don’t bother me very much at all and I think some people know this.  Once they get to know that I am actually laughing at them for their sheer stupidity, they tend to want to move it a notch higher.  Now most sane people might say a few things about what a low life bastard I am to say such things or even insult the way I look, but occasionally, you will get some low life piece of shit like psiguard that will bring my kids into it.  There have only been 2 people that bought my kids into an argument and that was Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting and psiguard.  It really does show the quality of the people working on these networks doesn’t it?

Ladies and Gents, I have no problem with those of you that want to slag off at me.  Hell, I’ve even had death threats in the past because of the content of my broadcasts and that can be expected.  But to bring ones children into the fight, will be without forgiveness.  And I am not the only one that thinks this.  I copied and pasted what psiguard had to say to a crap load of people and let’s just say that not a one of them is impressed, by any measure.

People like psiguard, sooner or later end up getting theirs.  Some day they end up stepping on the wrong toes and they are dealt with swiftly.

If you have any information about psiguards location, please by all means send me a note.  Drop an email to so that I can visit psiguard and have a little talk with him about what it means to raise his moral value.  In the meantime, I do have his ip address thanks to Etherape and he’s not exactly where I expected him to be, but it’s a start and it narrows things down quite a bit.  I would usually drop the ip address here or put it out on the next show, but in case anything evolves law wise here for whatever reason, I will keep it private for now.

People, we are in tough times and I can understand people are frustrated when I say it as it is, but there is NEVER any room for bringing children into the fight.  I don’t care who’s kids they are.  That’s the type of thing that the kikes do, not so called White Nationalists.  Hitler and Rockwell would be rolling in their graves.  There are some lines you just don’t cross!

Below is the excerpt where psiguard bought my kids into it.  I also took screenshots of these comments from the original text.

“psiguard (1/31/18 11:10:48 AM):
feel bad for sheildmaiden your ex and your kids having to endure your pisshead egotistical asshole antics

psiguard (1/31/18 11:12:14 AM): eye can just block you…. they are the ones that really have to put up with your shite…”

Shame on you psiguard.