The Candour Hour -Ep14- Dedicated To Alison Chabloz

On this edition of The Candour Hour, Shaun plays a song written by Alison Chabloz herself and then gives you an update as to what is happening with her.  He then moves on to read ‘Why I left Mosely‘…


Song of Freedom – Grab yourself a copy of Alison’s music Ladies and Gents.  Help where you can.

The Candour Hour -Ep13- So Called Racism In America

On this edition of The Candour Hour, Shaun comments accordingly to a clip he plays about so called racism in America back in the 1950’s.  Whilst he did want to read the book, ‘Why I left Mosely’ by A.K. Chesterton, he didn’t quite have time, but will read it next week instead.


The Candour Hour -Ep11- Creed of a Fascist Revolutionary Pt II

On this edition of The Candour Hour, Shaun continues reading The Creed of  a Fascist Revolutionary by A.K. Chesterton and comments accordingly.

Join us on this informative ride into Mr. Chesterton’s life, views and reasoning.


Shaun Has a Scotch With the Candour Boys And Girls

**  Warning to the Ladies and Parents – There is some bad language in this video  **

Put a quick video together here at WTFR for the Lads and Lasses over there at Candour to explain a few things and also to have a Scotch with them.  I don’t drink much these days Ladies and Gents and I have been better for it, but once in a while I like to pump up the metal and get a bit happy.  God knows we need to these days.

Enjoy the video and don’t be shy.  Send in those comments!


Eye of the Tiger Cover by:


The Candour Hour – A Special Bulletin and A Farewell To A Comrade

On this special bulletin edition of The Candour Hour, Shaun speaks about the moving of Candour Magazines and how people can help out by donating some cash or purchasing a Candour Magazine in this time of need.

Shaun then goes on to read an article from the special Candour bulletin newsletter that comes out of, Saluting and bidding farewell to Ernst Zundel.


You can make a donation or purchase a Candour Magazine at this link here:

Thank You for your help.

Candour Magazines and Shaun Surplus.