2019-12-05 Edition of NWPCU w/ Mike Sledge

On this edition of News White People Can Use, Mike speaks about:

  • Mike is an old man that can’t stay up late anymore
  • Oracle Vodka preps Mike for a great show
  • Sports are frowned upon by some people but Mike disagrees
  • Audio:  Carlin speaks about pussy names like Kyle
  • Mike did a show about epstein years ago and nobody listened
  • Mr. Rogers Neighborhood movie was the start of the downfall for Western Civilization
  • HBO is coming out with a Water Gate series
  • Shaun joins Mike for a moment to have some fun about rengrenade kikecasting
  • People are waking up because we the alternative have forced the MSM to cover all these things
  • Boomers created the mess our kids are in today and they blame THEM for that.  Fuck THEM!
  • White Western Civilisation reached for the stars – The space program
  • We can’t afford to die anymore – How can that not be enough for people to see
  • Audio:  Basketball Jones
  • Audio:  2 Live jews
  • Audio: George Carlin – Goofy Boy Names
  • Audio:  The Genius Of The Crowd Charles Bukowski
  • We need to break the rules to make things happen – We don’t follow we lead as White People – We Rule

And much more!