This Is Most Of My Home Town – Affairs

This is most of my hometown.

I had a disgusting shit bag yesterday telling me of how people around here have low morals, yet he himself has lower morals than a gutter slug.  He uses women for sex and has affairs wherever he can.  I won’t use his name just yet, because some of my friends are associates of his, but you get the idea of what people have become today.

Check out this part of ‘The Last Boy Scout’ and it explains him as the prick hiding in the closet.  Yet, he calls ME the “fuck head”.  I’m not the one having affairs.  In fact, his words were “you’re a fuck head because you don’t have an affair.  That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend.”  Little does he know, that I indeed have a girlfriend and I would never have an affair on her.

This is the state of my current town.  And this is why I am leaving it.  Total scumbags everywhere.  I’ve never come across such a disgusting town and I have lived over most of Australia at one time or another.  The suburb I lived in, in Melbourne was better than this foul place.

It seems having affairs, (both men and women) is the new norm in this day and age.  No wonder there has been an explosion when it comes to STD’s.