Rama Rama – Don’t Sniff Petrol

You cannot make this shit up.

A chat buddy by the name of Soylent Goy sent me the link to this clip, where some dumb white dudes think for a moment that if they get a camp full of young Abbo’s to sing about ‘not sniffing petrol’, it’s going to some how do something.

The Aboriginal culture and/or race was not destroyed by white man stealing it’s generation or slaughtering them when Captain Cook hit the shores as so many think.  No, where it was destroyed was when white man thought for a moment that Aborigines could assimilate to our way of life.  There have been problems for their culture and race and ours ever since.

Let’s do the math.  When they drink white mans alcohol, they become monsters.  When they sniff white mans petrol, (don’t even get me started on the glue factor) they become monsters.  Hell, when they are sober, as long as they are around white man, they become monsters.  When they sleep on white mans roads, they die.  When they wear white mans clothes, they look like Golliwogs.  It’s funny that isn’t it?  That when they wear just a few rags made out of animal fur, to cover their privates and nothing else, they look Aboriginal again.


Abbo’s just simply weren’t made to assimilate with white man and that’s what makes this fat white dick head in the clip, look like the fucking idiot that he is.  It’s also funny that it took whites to put that all together, because the Abbos just didn’t have the intelligence to do it themselves.  Same kind of thing going on over in Sudan Darfur when it comes to the white man creating water wells for the blacks.  Had the white man not have organized this oh so fucking hilarious event, it would never have happened.  Fat white boy there knows it, YOU know it and I know it.  It’s just a matter of admitting it to ourselves.

Just like the Indians over in the United States that have their own reserves, so too the Aboriginal people need to be on their own reserves here, but it needs to be WITHOUT the interference of whitey.  Let them do their own thing instead of trying to convert them into us, as we see in this clip.  It’s the only way things will work right.

When I was in the States, the good JimmyX and I went over to the reserves to get some cigarettes (I was still a smoker then) because they are tax free.  I met a few of the Indians and they seemed more than content to be on their own reserves without mass interference coming from white man.  I whole heartedly believe that the Aboriginals and Aborigines (two different things) would benefit from the same type of setup and henceforth, so would white man, being able to keep to himself and stop wasting his fucking time on trying to make them white.  Because that’s what fatty is doing here.

Introducing keyboards and microphones to these people is NOT preserving their race and/or culture, it’s just yet another attempt to assimilate them into white culture and have whitey accept them, but it DOES NOT WORK!  Sooner rather than later, they go back to their instincts and what they know best.  It’s like the proverbial bear that ends up eating it’s owner because it’s owner plain and simply forgot that it’s still a wild animal no matter what.

Ohhhhh, but all of this is not what made me laugh the most.  What made me laugh the most is that I have been telling people about the Abbo petrol-sniffing for years and on so many occasions I was called a racist for doing so, but right here in this clip, they are singing about not being “rama rama” and that they need to ‘stop sniffing petrol’.  And it’s unintentionally done in such a comedic fashion.  Not only do the poor backward Aboriginals look out of sorts dressing up like African Americans, but even more so that they just don’t fit the whole African American rap culture, mixed with lame arse fat boy white culture.  Whoever composed this so called music needs to be shot (hypothetically of course) because it was truly terrible!  But by fuck it was funny.  I give it that.


17th Sep, 2014 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

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  • Blacks want to live in white neighbourhoods but then destroy streets
  • Feminist says boys are OK to have sex with teachers but for girls it’s statutory rape
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