Random Hours

People sometimes need to express how they feel, rather than do a live show Ladies and Gents and that’s what this section is all about.  Some people just need to GET IT OUT!

2017-02-03 (Gadsden)

Today Gadsden talks about a great many things.

As I listened to the audio, I felt that our youth such as Gadsden are in the place they are in, because of the brain-dirtying they have been put through, whether it be, “education”, “television”, “uneducated parents”, “politics”, so on and so forth…

No disrespect to Gadsden when I say this, but if you the listener can sit through the chip munching and continuous pauses (I took the time to clip out as many burps as I could) then I think you will get to know where our youth are at.  Gadsden was natural and human in the way he talks to his audience and I think it’s worth a listen.

Without imagining the possible result of what will come to pass, how can we know what weapon we are to use against the enemy?  Through Gadsden’s mental articulation of the planet he see’s before him as a young man, we are able to form more of an understanding of what weapon we need to use, in order to take back this world.

Whilst I do think that this young man needs to practice more of what he preaches, (for instance less chips) I also believe that we can learn much from future podcasts that he may submit.



2017-02-05 (Gadsden)

On this edition of The Gadsden Show, Gadsden discusses football because it’s Super Bowl Sunday.  He also discusses how sports in general are often just there to keep us busy and occupied whilst real world problems are taking place and how talmudvision (television) is keeping us stupid.

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2017-02-15 (Music Show)

Shield Maiden, Rose (The Estrogens), Jasper and Shaun take to a music show for the good listeners.

**WARNING**  The estrogens slacken off somewhat in this broadcast so Jasper and Shaun had to do all the hard work.  Pffft.


2017-03-05 (Gadsden) Pre-Changes to podcast rules

Gadsden speaks about fat bastards that eat themselves to death…



Oz Man speaks about Korea.

Children being medicated as punishment with speed and cocaine.

Dr.David Evans and cyclic change

And more…


2017-03-17 Oz Man

On this edition South Oz Man speaks about how A=432HZ, Truth, Lies and creative story telling.

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2017-03-26 Shaun

  • Pauline Hanson on strike_ Senators won’t vote until sugarcane dispute resolved
  • Ronny Chieng’s hilarious Daily Show segment on Australia
  • Keenan Mundine_ How a jail joke ‘turned my life around
  • United Airlines stops two female passengers wearing leggings from boarding a flight

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2017-03-28 – Gadsden

  • Chinese, jews and sodomites being at the head of the table
  • Religious belief systems and the thought of Esoteric Nazism
  • Death sentence should be introduced for various reasons
  • Immigration should welcome whites at any time of the day
  • Women should be allowed to stay at home if they like
  • College is an indoctrinating system that braindirties
  • Gadsden goes green as was hoping Jasper would debate him
  • Bile and Grenade on the road to failure and now it’s showing
  • Superintendent calls parents racist after they say it as it is
  • Gadsden has some connection problems and we cut it short

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2017-04-04 Gadsden

  • Transgenderism being catered for around every corner
  • Child sex dolls made for pedophiles – Death to pedos
  • Kids can have no imagination even with a stick
  • Disgusting jewess cooks with menstrual blood
  • What happens after death and living life as is
  • Jews are always the victims – Synagogues of Satan
  • Should parents push religion on their children

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Brian Ruhe Interviews WTFR’s Gadsden

Brian Ruhe of http://www.brianruhe.ca and well known for his youtube interviews has Gadsden join him for a little over an hour.  The two gentlemen speak about a great many things.  Tune in below and have a listen for yourselves.

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2017-04-18 Gadsden

  • The Syrian attack and where Israel stands in it all
  • North Korea and how they are lied about often
  • ANTIFA being unstable and how they cause problems
  • Trump and all of his jewish ties including family
  • Russia being a big pain in the ass for Israel
  • Homosexuals are demonic perverted beasts
  • Assad should not be attacked even if he really did gas
  • Gassing the jew within ourselves
  • “HOLY SHIT!”  jews and their role in antisemitism
  • Girl gets smashed by Damingo the Flamingo
  • Our people have become lazy hence why Mexicans hired
  • Why we need to be National Socialists in a new society
  • Fat sodomite with child and animal porn spared from jail
  • We goy are angry goy and we are pissed off
  • Red Bull boss says that mass migration is wrong
  • Deaths in Whales having dire consequences
  • Treating the earth the same way as grandparents
  • Child trafficking in Britain reaches record high
  • If the truth is racist then all well and Heil Hitler

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2017-04-25 Gadsden

  • Jews admit hating the goy and admit it
  • The emasculating of our white men
  • Alphabet agencies and their antics
  • Universities and the virtues of bestiality
  • Hitler attacked by jew teacher as usual
  • Yet another pedo escapes prison time
  • Preserving the rural/country way of life
  • Gods “chosen people” are the spawn of demons
  • Making a billion off your credit score (guess who)
  • Don’t trust kosher politicians
  • WTFR ditches the dongle and has official Internet
  • The America that the Founding Fathers wanted
  • Anger is a natural emotion and now is the time
  • Cannabis legalisation, peaceful protest and the munchies
  • Muslims being as bad as the judiac filth

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2017-05-02 Gadsden

  • The backlash from a boomer after Shaun’s boomer broadcast
  • AntiFa and the alt-right and where they stand
  • Homo degeneracy spreading far and wide
  • jews once hid what they are up to now they freely admit it
  • Tranny has penis broken – Degeneracy deluxe
  • Faggots trying to make women obsolete
  • Say whatever you see and spread the word for the fight
  • Boomers sold out to the jews to be comfortable
  • Dr. William Pierce and John Beattie have done much for us
  • Fat hobbit pisses Gadsden off whilst he has the munchies
  • Gadsden wants to see California go bye bye
  • Israel has nukes – (Editors note: In fact they have enough nukes to wipe out the entire middle east)
  • Daily Stormers Anglin sued by jew and raises 40k
  • ISIS attacks Israel and then apologises

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