Mananism & Feminism A Response

We’ve had a great response to the article and recording I did about the role played by men and women Ladies and Gents.  This really surprised me because we’ve had a negative past when we covered this subject some years ago.  Well done people.  You’re living proof that this world still has potential to be something beautiful.

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TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & John Percent 2018-05-18

On this edition of TCTA, John and Shaun speak about a great plethora of things ranging from Alex Jones and Michael Savage to Astral Travel…

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The Rationalised Emotional Chinese Kitten

Last night Ladies and Gents I had some good clean debate with a young lady about a few things concerning Australia.  The debate was about good Chinese Vs Chinese that come here to take over.  Needless to say it was an interesting conversation and there was some agreeing and disagreeing on both sides.  Which I happen to find both needed and stimulating, due to the fact it’s hard to get into debate with Australian women these days.  They just tend on the most part to want to argue instead.

I’ve said for years now, that when it comes to men and women, it really is about the ‘Rationale’ Vs the ‘Emotionale’ if you will.  I know, I know, ‘Emotionale’ is not even a word, but we are going to use it here to weigh up the said debate.  Now, although the debate last night was primarily about the proverbial “good Chinese” (kind of relates to the so called ‘good jew’ or ‘good Abbo’ type of debate) that come to Australia, the answer to the debate lies in that, one side was male and the other female and this is why I am talking about Rationale Vs Emotionale.  The end result comes down to this very mechanism.

It’s important to note during this audio clip, that I am NOT asking people to focus on ‘Men this, Women that’.  I am not asking you to start an argument with your spouse, because this is not what it’s about.  It’s a clear cut message as to who we are as men and women and the important roles we play, or once played at least, in society.  Make perfectly sure you understand that albeit I do not think the Emotionale fits into certain roles, this does not mean for a second that I do not think that the Emotionale has a place in society, because I believe that it has JUST as an important role as the Rationale.  I think however, that they have their place and when placed in the wrong area in the wrong measure, we get what we see happening here in Australia.  Starting with the Chinese takeover, or a house full of felines.

When I am debating any given subject, with me comes a hell of a lot of research and knowledge, whether it be of statistics or about a certain person, perhaps in politics or science and even philosophy.  I am not just thinking about the Chinese, but also everything I know that comes with them as a people.  Their habitual nature, their breeding rate, their mentality, their genetic make up, their philosophies and religions.  As you listen you will hear me discuss the Emotionale Vs the Rationale and all the while I am thinking of people such as Angela Merkel that used emotion to utterly destroy Germany through allowing so called “refugees” to flood the country.  I want you to do the same; I want you to think about everything you know that can relate to what is being discussed.  Don’t just think about the debate at hand, but think about what comes with who we are discussing and what comes with why we are discussing it.  Think about consequence as a main ingredient too, because in the end, consequence whether it be good or bad, is the end result.  Not the end result of the debate necessarily, but more so the outcome of what our country should be or will sooner or later, end up.

For all of those that just want to wax immature and run off into the Man Vs Women verbal boxing match, go right ahead, but I will not be a part of it, because that’s not what this is about.  This is about facts when it comes to what our roles as men and women are, or at very least once were and what the end result will be, if we don’t assume our positions as men and women again.

As I said, the debate started as the proverbial handful of good Chinese coming to Australia, around a few drinks with good friends, but I see a much bigger issue behind all of this that I have discussed in the past.  The problem is, too many lower primates like to veer off the debate at hand and turn it into a pissing match between men and women and I just simply won’t have that here.  Let’s keep it clean cut and methodical.  Let’s find results.

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