The Gaming Corner 2017-03-12

On this edition of the Gaming Corner, Shaun & Snake discuss how certain individuals within gaming forums, such as the Steam platform, think for a moment that they can belittle, intimidate and bully people into submission.

Gaming should be a platform of fun and healthy challenges, not a platform where people cannot enjoy the experience.  We have had enough of this continuous degeneracy that seems to go unchecked on so many levels.  Not just because of these cretins that think they can freely get away with this nonsense, but because Steam, the moderators of a gaming forum or the developers themselves choose to ignore what is happening, henceforth ruining the pleasure for those of us that are there to enjoy ourselves.

Take a wild ride into this premier edition for WTFR, of The Gaming Corner.


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The Return of the Gaming Corner

That’s right Ladies and Gents, it’s back!

Way back in 2003 when I started podcasting, I did what was known as “The Gaming Corner”.  In fact, it was the Gaming Corner that got me into podcasting in the first place.  It was late 2003 that I started talking about politics, philosophy, subjects of an esoteric nature and so on.  It was 2009 where I was starting to get noticed by different stations around the world and came to be picked up by Oracle Broadcasting.  That was my first step into the world of live radio and I have barely come up for a breath since.

The Gaming Corner did rather well very quickly and I regretted that I had dropped the idea with such short notice.  So once in a while I did an episode of the Gaming Corner here and there.  Some of you will have heard those.  Especially those of you that have been following me since the days of Oracle Broadcasting.  I did a few segments on Oracle, the same on Orion and a couple of episodes here and there when I was independent for a while.

The last episode I did was when a guest and I were talking about the disgusting behaviour of those within the Steam forums.  We found that we were not able to go into these forums and innocently ask a question about a game or especially discuss why we thought a game was not up to scratch, without unimaginable amounts of torment and ridicule.  Torment and ridicule that you don’t even see on a school bus or on the debating floor of parliament house.  I am all for ridicule in it’s proper place but a gaming forum is certainly not it.

After looking back at our comment history, we fast found that there was a pattern with certain people.  These people all had a few things in common to begin with and they were by far the most vitriolic.  They were arrogant, conceited in themselves, rude, pompous, but most of all narcissistic and we found that we were continually having to shoot back, just to get a word in edgewise.

There was also another pattern we were seeing in our comments history however and that was where we had become a part of that fighting over and over again.  Whilst we may not have been the ones necessarily that begun the attack, we indeed were becoming a part of it and we weren’t impressed about what these low lives had created in us.  It’s very easy to get trapped into that world where you become that which you despise.  So we thought it was time we acted upon this and take some action.

Back when Carmageddon Reincarnation was released in 2015 the game was a huge mess, so we discussed our distaste in a mature manner without insult until, you guessed it, in came the insult brigade.  Some of which were friends of the mods, which made it very hard to have anything done about them at first.  So we took measures into our own hands.

Stainless had no clue about what they were dealing with when they did not have their mods, do their jobs.  We quickly got to work on organising an episode of The Gaming Corner and after one episode exposing a few characters which included Helix (some of you will more than likely remember the name) and Mandrake.  Stainless had no choice but to move into damage control and that is exactly what they did.  Posts were immediately deleted on both sides of the fence.  A silence ensued from many of Helix’s minions and the forum was very closely watched for some time after.  To the point where we were seeing bans take place.  The game was atrocious to begin with, but it’s numbers of people dropped even more after we were done with it.  This is the result of mods/devs (moderators and developers) not taking proper action when needed and being oh so biased toward those that become friends to the mods themselves.  I don’t think Helix was ever seen the same by the devs because of all of the trouble he caused through his arrogance.

The Gaming Corner has been dusted off yet again Ladies and Gentlemen, as we will be discussing another few characters that think it’s OK to condescend upon people as if to think they are somehow better.  (Sudo.  That’s for Salamand3r.) Pseudo-Intellectuals that believe for a moment that they can just come on into a thread and start attacking people and then follow them about from thread to thread just to harass them even more.  This is what the Steam forums are made up of, thanks to these low life creepers that just don’t understand the concept of, “it’s only a game”.

We are hoping to make Steam forums a better environment by exposing these individuals that think they can rule the roost through intimidation and manipulation.  We also want to put pressure on the moderators and developers as we did with Stainless, so that they moderate their forums without bias and/or prejudice.

The first episode of The Gaming Corner will be tonight 2017-03-12 at 11 PM EST for the United States and 2017-03-13 at 2 PM AEST for Australia.

The Gaming Corner is not all about those that destroy our gaming experiences in Steam or anywhere else for that matter, it’s also about reviewing games, debating in a mature fashion as to what a game needs to do to become better.  It’s also just about getting together and discussing the games that we play and enjoy.  Some of us are hardcore gamers, some of us like me don’t get much time to game anymore but still love to play when we can and others are in between.

Join us fellow gamers, become a part of The Gaming Corner to discuss the ups and the downs of gaming and become a part of the fun.  Together we can change the face of gaming and with some hard work, can make gaming forums a better experience.


Shaun / Surplus

Random Hours w/ Gadsden 2017-03-10

On this premier edition of Random Hours Gadsden speaks about:

  • Previous activism and podcasts that he has done
  • Katter & Hanson having their hands tied
  • Soft drugs and how laws need to be relaxed for regulation
  • Africa, mud huts, beavers and platypuses
  • Degenerate behaviour

And much more…


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TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-03-09

On this edition of TCTA Shaun speaks about:

  • Fake Indian doctors around the world
  • Unvaccinated children being deserted
  • White women being terrorised by the ABC
  • Peter Dutton VS Malcom Fraser
  • Funneling Fatties

And much more…


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Random Time Shows

Hey Ladies and Gents…

As you know, some networks have what is known as a random type idea where a slot is preserved for a random host to do a show.  That host might be a host on the network, or it might be a person that wants to try their broadcasting boots on.  This is a great idea for testing the waters on both sides of the fence, for the network administration and the person that wants to try out for broadcasting.  The problem with it, is that it can take up an important slot that could otherwise be used for a permanent host.  Thanks to South Oz Man, we now have an idea that fits perfectly in with WTFR.

Recently I was in a small back and forth discussion with South Oz Man in Skype and Oz asked a few questions…

 1. Is it ok for me to request a live show?    2. How much notice do u need at the least to ask you to slot a gap in.   3. Regarding the above flexibility i think i can work it much better and also work around quests id like to bring on as an interview.

I thought for a moment and then came up with an idea that will not only Suit Oz Man, but anybody that wants to do a random show at literally anytime, as long as it doesn’t step on any of the other permanent slots.  I have created a generic random script that can be started at the top of ANY hour.  Meaning, I don’t have to change the times within the script to suit any given hour.  This particular script runs at the top of any hour at all.  So if Joe Blo from Mexico requests a random show at 3AM on a random day of the week, all it will take is to start the script and Joe just has to make it to the studio.  Cool or what?

So, if you’re a person that wants to do a show here and there, but can’t bunker down into a permanent slot, then the random script is for you!  Perhaps you are a person that just wants to get something off your chest for the hour and then never do another broadcast again, then the random script is for you.

Contact me to do a broadcast at and we can organise a time for you to have your proverbial 15 minutes of fame, or in this case 1 hour.

Cheers to Oz for the idea and cheers to the listeners, of WTFR!


Dinosaur News w/ John Beattie & Shaun Surplus 2017-03-08

On this edition of Dinosaur News, Beattie Boy and Surplus discuss:

  • Illegal immigrants soiling their underwear
  • Commander Rockwell’s 99th Birthday
  • Trump and the doors opened
  • White groups around the world
  • Unvaccinated children unattended

And much more…



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2010 – Shaun Interviews Dr. David Evans of Science Speak

Reposting this for those that requested it…

TCTA Unleashed / WTFR

An oldie but a goldie.  Back in 2010, I interviewed Dr. David Evans of Science Speak.  Dr. Evans is the rocket scientist that created the modeling and programming, that made it possible to measure the amount of carbon in plants and such.  Dr. Evans understands in full, the ongoing farce when it comes to the crap coming from the global warming alarmists.

From Science Speak:

Science Speak is a small private scientific modeling and mathematical research company. We solve problems, and we speak about some science and economic issues.

Click on play below to have a listen to the interview.


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