The Candour Hour -Ep10- Creed of a Fascist Revolutionary

On this edition of The Candour Hour, Shaun reads from the book, “Creed of a Fascist Revolutionary and Why I Left Mosley” by A.K. Chesterton and comments accordingly.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen.



How the Narrative Holds Everyone Back – By Jacko

Adopting a world view, a weltanshauung, because others do it and recommend it is a core problem in our Western world. For many things like ethical behaviour it used to work yet the super criticality of immorality and poorly considered models has tipped that point so it is behind us as we descend towards collapse, Balkanization, and genocide.

Businesses use many standard models of operation: SLA’s, vision statements, goal oriented, thought leadership courses, and more. The concepts are great as sales pitches but terrible for actually reality. An SLA is a definition of law-fare (warfare using the legal system) and helps corporate lawyers more than it helps businesses who use them. Vision statements are about as effective in getting things completed with perfection as a blurb on a cereal box. Goal oriented is a catch phrase for, “I will work lots of extra hours if I get my pay raises.” Thought leadership is a course for task masters to expand their resume. And on and on.

The core problem is that businesses start off with usurious loans from banks. They must begin paying immediately, without condition, and for this reason they madly scramble to achieve revenue. In doing so their production model necessitates shortcuts and cowboy-ism (roughshod production). If the business survives long enough to establish, all these bailing-wire solutions continue to haunt the operation and the staff have to become duct-tapers, box-checkers, and task masters (qv. Graeber, “The Rise of Bullshit Jobs”).

Narratives of banking that they must use fractional reserve banking and be paid their interest without condition hold everyone back. Narratives that businesses must have duct-tapers, box-checkers and task-masters hold everyone back. Irrelevant sales pitch-y weltanshauung holds everyone back. The narrative of our Western society is holding everyone Western back. Until it changes to delivering the best quality results we can it will continue to decline into Zimbabwean standards of bullshit artists and kludged solutions by people suffering under the corruption of ideals.

Shaun’s Notes:

Yeah, it’s a big part of the Hegelian Dialectic.  As was said, soon after a caller by the name of “The Heag” (hmmmmm) called in on the Truman Show, “we accept the reality of the world with which we are presented; it’s as simple as that“.

I was watching this film at one of the few drive-ins left in Australia, in a place called Yarrawonga.  It’s closed now, but I was sitting out front of the car with a mate of mine, on a beer esky, so that I could just hop up grab a beer and sit back down.  It was a good time because it was in Summer and you could sit out as the Sun was going down and watch a double feature.  Ants and The Truman Show.

I LEPT to my feet and yelled, “did you hear that?!?!?  Somebody suspiciously called ‘The Heag’ (as in Hegel) calls in and says nothing and then they talk about the Hegelian Dialectic!  We accept the synthesis of the world with which we are presented!!!!”  And then I realised where I was and that around 5 cars were looking at me.  I pretended to get another beer from my esky with as much dignity and grace as I could, even though I had an open beer in my hand.  My two friends in the car and the mate beside me thought it was funny that Shaun forgot completely where he was for a moment, because of his clever revelation!


Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-10-22 (RBN)

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Young punks going off on the Boomers get on Reyvolt’s nerves (Shauns Notes:  I cannot stand the Boomer mentality at ALL.  I have to disagree with Rob on this one.  The Boomers all over Western Civilisation put all of their creature comforts first…  They were wined, dined and 69’ed and everything was handed to them on a silver platter and they pissed it the fuck away.  And then when their kids couldn’t get work, they called them lazy bludgers even though, the Boomers had it so easy when it came to getting work, compared to how hard it is to get good work today…  In the name of riches and comforts they did not do their job for their children.  Whilst there may have been some that did, MOST of them did not.)  George Carlin speaks on the Boomers
  • Rense threw many people under the bus saying that they were creeps and Fetzer was fired after being on Rob’s show
  • Disappearances of children around the United States (Shauns Notes:  This merges well with the show that I just did on Halloween and the Sexual Offenders)
  • You don’t have to agree on everything Rob has to say, he is happy for you to have your own ideas and it makes no sense that Rense fired Fetzer just because they disagreed on things
  • Clip:  Gunship helicopter muzzle flashes as they fly over the crowd – It could have been a helicopter firing the shots instead of an individual in Las Vegas
  • Clip:  10% of people out of 30,000 may have recorded what happened on the so called massacre night in Vegas
  • If you don’t have some internal fortitude, external physicality means nothing (Shauns Notes:  I agree whole heartedly with this statement.  I don’t need to be close to a “creator” as Rob puts it, but this makes the statement, nonetheless true..)
  • Clip:  Even the hosts of the bigger shows on Fox News are beginning to allow conspiratorial view points because they can no longer deny it – The shift of consciousness – Progressing the next step within the Hegelian Dialectic
  • Chris speaks to Rob about dudes sitting around watching cartoons and smoking doobies and now these very people are in Black-Ops and then people wonder why there are so many weird things going on (Shauns notes:  Ha!  Yeah he has a point…)
  • Alan in Texas calls in and points out an obvious in your face connection and Rob identifies it as a jab in the Lords face
  • Rob reads an article that is somewhat biblical in the belief that there are connections with what is going on (Shauns Notes:  This is where I shut out for a while.  I’m not religious at all, so my brain shuts off right about here.  I check back periodically to see when Rob has moved on…)
  • Barbara Walters throws Feldman under the bus, when it comes to the talk about Hollywoods pedophiles – (Shauns Notes:  Walters has just shown that she is happy to have pedophiles fondling and screwing little children, as long as Hollywood is not destroyed….  She’s a piece of shit that deserves nothing less than a short drop and sudden stop!  Fucking sick bitch!)
  • Clip:  Feldman caught with some green yet again gets arrested…
  • Clip:  Jones speaks about Roger Stone and the heat on Weinstein

And much more…


TCTA Halloween Edition 2017-10-22

Shaun speaks about the risks of Halloween and the satanic cult ties.  Kids being abducted and how gullible they can be.  Social experiments being done to show parents that no matter how much you tell a young child, NOT to go into a strangers house, they still do.

The first segment is family friendly, where Shaun speaks to the children directly.  After the first break, the children should be taken out of the room, as it becomes more of an adult conversation.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and take this to heart!  This needs to be known.


Shaun Has a Scotch With the Candour Boys And Girls

**  Warning to the Ladies and Parents – There is some bad language in this video  **

Put a quick video together here at WTFR for the Lads and Lasses over there at Candour to explain a few things and also to have a Scotch with them.  I don’t drink much these days Ladies and Gents and I have been better for it, but once in a while I like to pump up the metal and get a bit happy.  God knows we need to these days.

Enjoy the video and don’t be shy.  Send in those comments!


Eye of the Tiger Cover by:


This Is What White People Are Doing

Hey Ladies and Gents.  This quick note is to all the shitless layabout Niggers.

Whilst you’re out there, protesting for criminal thugs like Trayvon Martin or Michael “piece of shit” Brown, this is what white people are doing.  Be sure to read on after watching the video.

White people are out there, not only buying cars for themselves instead of stealing them, but buying cars for their children.  White Mums and Dads.  Real parents doing real things for their children.  How do they do this you ask?  I’ll tell you how.

They work fucking hard.  They work honestly and they have nothing but love and care in their hearts whilst they do that work.  Whether it be something as physically taxing as picking apples or an easy going well paid job at the office, they are thinking all the while about buying that car for their Son or their Daughter.  That’s how they do it.

You apes can keep blaming whitey as much as you like, but just remember, it’s up to YOU to get things done.  Not me, not my next door neighbour!  It’s up to YOU!

“But we was slaves and shitz!”  Yeah, keep repeating that to yourselves and that’s what you will remain.  A bunch of slave arse faggots!  Slaves to your government and country.

Perhaps if you got off your arse and worked hard, you wouldn’t have to rape white girls because of the jealousy you have toward them.  The HATE you have toward them.  And just perhaps, I wouldn’t have to call you apes anymore.


The 24/7 Lineup Will Come Down Temporarily And Reyvolt’s Show

Hey there good readers…

Just a heads up on todays activities.

Later this afternoon, should you be a regular listener of the repeat 24/7 lineup, which features Dr. William Pierce, Eustace Mullins, Peter Schaenk among others, including many of the shows that were done here on WTFR, you will experience some silence for a small time, whilst it is all moved over to a different computer.  I will try and get it all done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that your programing is not long disturbed.

Questions have been asked about Robert Reyvolt’s show, in that will I still be taking notes for him and recording his broadcasts?  The answer is yes, even though I did not get around to doing so this week.  I needed to take a break from all of it and this weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

Emails have literally been off the planet crazy.  887 people listened to the final show in the first day and that is just accumulating.  Over 600 emails!  Almost all of them good ones.  (It’s taken me 2 days to get through them.)  That’s just fucking crazy!  Where were you all in the comments section?  Nowhere to be fucking seen.  Thanks for your support, but you were a little too late in the fucking game, don’t you think?  “Shaun, just take a break and come back….”  “Shaun, why did you leave?  I loved your show…”  “Shaun, I will join the comments area if you come back…”  Like seriously, What The Fucking FUCK?  NOW you want to come out and play, right when I DON’T need your support?  Pffft.  What a joke!

To those of you that made an effort at the time WTFR was at it’s prime, Thank You.

Take care and look out for the Candour Hour coming in the next 11 hours there abouts…